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Antarctica Cruises

The last-frontier ice desert of Antarctica attracts 45,000 visitors a year to view its windswept, treeless, frozen wasteland. Wildlife on show includes penguins, seals, birds, dolphins and orcas. Since most of the wildlife in Antarctica is found on the ice-free narrow ridges of coastline around the islands and mainland, cruise passengers don't have to miss out on any of the interesting sea, land or air creatures of this exciting continent. All travel ashore is by inflatable Zodiacs.

Only 100 passengers per ship are allowed onshore at any given time, so guests on larger vessels will view the icescape from their ship. Watch in awe as icebergs are calved from the continental ice shelf, then race away in your Zodiac to avoid the wash.

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Antarctica Ports

Antarctica Ports

Destination Tips

  • After crossing Drake Passage, wildlife will be your constant companion, with penguins, seals and whales, as well as many birdlife that migrate over Summer. You also experience a diversity of landscapes, from mountains to icebergs, volcanos to pebbled beaches. Antarctica is much more than an icy expanse.

  • Bath in a hot volcanic spring on Deception Island in the South Shetlands, or take the plunge into the icy waters for an exhilarating Antarctica swim.

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