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Founded in 1873, Holland America Line, is renowned for its emphasis on enriching destination experiences. Opting for substance over showiness, Holland America prioritizes the essence of each journey, focusing on the beauty and intrigue of the destinations it visits. This approach allows guests to immerse fully in the wonders of the locales they explore, particularly in Alaska, where Holland America's exclusive rights enable unparalleled views of the region's majestic glaciers. The fleet, recognizable by its distinctive dark blue hulls, white superstructures, and the iconic ‘dam’ suffix in each ship's name, pays homage to the Netherlands' rich maritime heritage. Each vessel is named after the numerous dams across Dutch rivers or points on the compass, symbolizing both a connection to Holland America's roots and a commitment to global exploration. Despite their outward simplicity and elegance, the interiors of Holland America ships reveal a world of sophistication and comfort. Guests are treated to well-appointed accommodations, exquisite dining options, and a wealth of activities that cater to a discerning clientele. Holland America Line appeals to seasoned travelers from around the globe, offering a refined cruising experience that combines traditional elegance with modern luxury, making every voyage aboard a Holland America ship a journey of discovery and unparalleled pleasure.

Holland America Line prides itself on offering cruises that go beyond mere sightseeing, providing guests with immersive experiences that deeply connect them to the destinations they visit. With a focus on enriching onboard activities, including comprehensive lectures by destination experts and regionally inspired entertainment, a voyage with Holland America is an exploration in true sense. Operating a fleet of 11 ships, Holland America Line ensures a personalized focus on delivering what matters most to its guests. The line offers an expansive selection of over 500 itineraries that span more than 100 countries, allowing travelers to explore the world's wonders with an itinerary that promises balance, depth, and genuine encounters. Read more

Holland America's cruises are meticulously designed to showcase the essence of each destination. Whether it's navigating through the icy marvels of Alaska, exploring the vibrant nightlife of Southeast Asia, or savoring the culinary delights of the Mediterranean, every element of the journey—from wilderness discussions and local performances to dining experiences featuring regional flavors—is crafted to ensure guests not only visit but truly engage with the cultures and natural beauty of the places they explore. Guests disembark with a profound sense of connection to the diverse cultures and unforgettable landscapes they've encountered.

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    Holland America's Legendary Voyages

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Top 5 Holland America Cruise Deals

Holland America Fleet


Vista Hal-class ship launched 2006  Australian Seasonal 


Vista Hal-class ship launched 2004  Australian Seasonal 


R-class ship launched 1999  Australian Visitor 


R-class ship launched 2021

Nieuw Statendam

Pinnacle-class ship launched 2018


Pinnacle-class ship launched 2016

Nieuw Amsterdam

Signature-class ship launched 2010


Signature-class ship launched 2008


Vista Hal-class ship launched 2003


Vista Hal-class ship launched 2002


R-class ship launched 2000

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Onboard Experience

  • Dining

    • Dining with Holland America Cruises
    • Dining with Holland America Cruises
    • Dining with Holland America Cruises
    • Dining with Holland America Cruises

    Holland America Line invites its guests on a gastronomic journey that mirrors the diverse cultures and flavors encountered at their international destinations, while also satisfying those classic, homely cravings. Whether you're in the mood for a casual poolside burger and fries or ready to explore the exotic tastes of the Pan-Asian menu at Tamarind, the cruise line offers a dining experience to suit every palate. For those seeking a touch of luxury, the specialty restaurants aboard Holland America provide an opulent dining atmosphere. The Pinnacle Grill stands out as the premier steakhouse at sea, offering sumptuous steak and seafood dishes that are perfectly complemented by a meticulously selected wine list. Read more

    Canaletto is a celebration of traditional Italian dining, where dishes are designed to be shared, fostering a sense of camaraderie and family-style dining. Nami Sushi offers a burst of authentic Japanese flavors, presenting a vibrant selection of sushi paired with traditional Japanese spirits for a truly authentic experience. Meanwhile, Rudi’s Sel De Mer reimagines French culinary classics with a modern twist, serving up delicacies like Duck Cassoulet and Coq Au Vin in a chic and contemporary setting. Beyond these specialty options, the main dining room provides a more traditional dining experience, where guests can enjoy a variety of dishes that cater to all tastes in an elegant and welcoming environment. Holland America Line's approach to dining transcends the usual expectations of cruise ship fare, offering an array of options that range from the familiar and comforting to the exotic and adventurous. Each restaurant and dining venue aboard their ships is thoughtfully designed to create memorable meals that are an integral part of the overall cruise experience, ensuring that guests can indulge in culinary excellence as they explore the world's seas and shores.

  • Bars

    • Bars with Holland America Cruises
    • Bars with Holland America Cruises

    Holland America Cruise Line caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences with its sophisticated array of bars and lounges, ensuring that every guest finds their perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment. Renowned for their carefully curated cocktail menu, crafted by master mixologist Dale DeGroff, Holland America offers a selection that ranges from the elegant crispness of French champagne to the boldness of a finely mixed Martini. Scattered throughout each ship, a variety of bars ensures that refreshment is never far away. The Crow's Nest combines breathtaking panoramic views with the pleasure of sipping a cocktail at sunset, creating an unforgettable ambiance. Read more

    For those seeking a more refined atmosphere, the Explorers Lounge provides a cozy setting to enjoy a glass of red wine. Meanwhile, the Gallery Bar offers a unique experience of enjoying expertly crafted cocktails surrounded by artistic masterpieces. For music lovers, the Piano Bar presents a lively venue to enjoy classic tunes and sing-alongs, while Notes, a dedicated whiskey bar, offers an extensive selection of fine spirits for connoisseurs. Each venue on Holland America is designed with a distinct character, from the casual to the sophisticated, ensuring guests can find a space that resonates with their mood and occasion. Recognizing that guests have varied preferences, Holland America also provides a range of drink packages available for purchase, allowing travelers to tailor their beverage experience to their liking. Whether it's enjoying a casual beer, a sophisticated cocktail, or delving into a wine tasting, Holland America's bar offerings are designed to enhance the cruise experience, inviting guests to relax, socialize, and savor every moment aboard.

  • Entertainment

    • Entertainment with Holland America Cruises
    • Entertainment with Holland America Cruises
    • Entertainment with Holland America Cruises

    Holland America Line sets a high bar for onboard entertainment, offering an eclectic mix of performances and musical experiences that cater to every taste. The Lincoln Center Stage is a prime example, showcasing exceptional musical talents with evening performances and afternoon recitals, providing the perfect soundtrack for both vibrant evenings and leisurely sea days alike. For guests with a passion for rhythm and blues, B.B. King's Blues Club offers an unforgettable journey through the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. Read more

    Here, the funky beats and soulful sounds come to life, accompanied by specialty cocktails, inviting you to dance the night away in a lively and spirited atmosphere. Billboard Onboard introduces an interactive musical experience where chart-topping hits are performed live, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Meanwhile, the World Stage presents a cutting-edge theater experience with its two-story, 270-degree LED screen, hosting a variety of performances from the innovative Step One Dance Company to dramatic productions and captivating shows. The Rolling Stone Rock Room brings the energy and iconic music of rock 'n' roll to the high seas, offering guests the chance to rock out to classic hits in a vibrant live music venue. With such a wide array of entertainment options, deciding what to enjoy on a given night becomes a delightful dilemma. Beyond these highlights, Holland America Line also offers a range of other entertainment options, including casino gaming for those feeling lucky, movie nights under the stars for a relaxing evening, and themed parties and events that celebrate the diverse destinations visited. Whether you're in the mood for a classical concert, a night of dancing, or just a cozy movie experience, Holland America Line's entertainment offerings ensure that every night aboard is filled with excitement, culture, and fun.

  • Activities

    • Activities with Holland America Cruises

    Holland America Line enriches your cruise experience with a wide array of activities designed to deepen your appreciation of the destinations you visit. Through partnerships with esteemed organizations like the BBC, Holland America brings you "BBC Earth in Concert," an immersive showcase that offers a spectacular view of the world's flora and fauna, set to a stunning musical score. This collaboration ensures that guests can explore the natural world in an engaging and unforgettable way. For wine enthusiasts, the "Blend" experience is a unique opportunity to dive into the art of winemaking. Read more

    Guests can blend their own wines under the guidance of expert vintners, learning about the process while crafting a personalized bottle to enjoy. This hands-on activity is perfect for both connoisseurs and those new to the world of wine. Culinary demonstrations on deck are another highlight, featuring locally sourced ingredients to give guests a taste of the regions they're sailing through. Watch as Holland America's skilled chefs prepare exquisite dishes right before your eyes, sharing tips and techniques that you can take home. Beyond these offerings, Holland America Line's enrichment program includes engaging lectures from destination experts, providing insights into the history, culture, and natural beauty of the places you'll visit. Wine tastings, art workshops, and photography classes offer additional ways to explore your interests and passions while at sea. The onboard experience is thoughtfully designed to allow guests to discover the essence of each destination at their own pace. From wilderness talks that bring Alaska's majestic landscapes to life, to local entertainment that captures the spirit of Southeast Asia's vibrant nightlife and Mediterranean culinary delights, Holland America ensures that every aspect of your journey is rich with cultural depth and authenticity. With Holland America Line, your cruise is more than just a voyage—it's a gateway to experiencing the world's wonders, history, and cultures in a way that is both meaningful and memorable.

  • Health & Fitness

    • Health & Fitness wit Holland America Cruises

    The Greenhouse Spa and Salon aboard Holland America Line serves as a sanctuary of well-being, offering a wide array of services aimed at enhancing both relaxation and rejuvenation for its guests. Indulge in the ultimate spa experience with top-tier facial treatments designed to revitalize your skin, or unwind with a variety of massage techniques that have been perfected over centuries to soothe your body and soul. For those looking to refresh their look, the onboard hair and nail salons provide expert care to ensure you step out feeling confident and radiant. Holland America's commitment to wellness extends to its fitness facilities, where a team of professional trainers is ready to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. Read more

    Whether you prefer the dynamic view of the ocean from a treadmill, the tranquility of poolside yoga, or the energy of a group fitness class, there's an activity to match your workout preference. Each ship in the fleet offers unique fitness and recreational options, from volleyball games on the top deck to choosing between multiple pools for a refreshing swim or aqua fitness session. In addition to traditional spa and fitness offerings, Holland America Line incorporates holistic wellness experiences, such as thermal suites with hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy pools, steam rooms, and heated loungers, providing a comprehensive approach to guest well-being. Nutrition and wellness workshops, along with personal training sessions, are also available for those seeking a more in-depth focus on their health. With a focus on both mind and body, the Greenhouse Spa and Salon, alongside the state-of-the-art fitness facilities, ensures that guests aboard Holland America Line can enjoy a balanced and enriching wellness experience, all while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the sea.

  • Kids

    • Kids Activities with Holland America Cruises
    • Kids Activities with Holland America Cruises

    Holland America Line warmly welcomes young explorers with Club HAL, a dedicated youth program designed for children aged 3 to 17. This program ensures that kids have an unforgettable time onboard with a vast array of activities tailored to various age groups. From creative arts and crafts sessions to energetic sports competitions, engaging video games, exciting scavenger hunts, and vibrant themed parties, Club HAL creates a dynamic and fun-filled environment for children. Club HAL's offerings vary across the fleet, with each ship providing unique spaces and activities that cater to young guests. Read more

    While the Oosterdam features a new kids and family games room and alternative kids programming, every ship in Holland America's fleet is committed to ensuring that children have access to enriching and entertaining experiences. Holland America Line creates a balanced family vacation experience, allowing for quality family bonding time as well as moments for parents to relax on their own. The cruise line's thoughtful approach to family travel means that children come away from their journey with not only joyful memories but also new knowledge and appreciation for the diverse cultures and destinations visited. The focus on both fun and educational activities ensures that children enjoy a comprehensive and enriching experience onboard. Holland America Line's dedication to family-friendly cruising makes it an ideal choice for families seeking a vacation that offers something special for every member, combining adventure, relaxation, and the opportunity to explore the world together.

  • Inclusions

    • Activities - organised & individual
    • All main meals on-board
    • Bridge director on select cruises
    • Cruise Director & all English speaking staff
    • Entertainment - live music and/or shows, movies
    • In-cabin dining at no charge
    • Kids clubs & teen programs (3-17 yrs) (Prinsendam 5-17 yrs)
    • Open/anytime or traditional/set time & multi-venue dining
    • Ship-shore-ship transfers
    • Special needs requests & service animals allowed
    • Use of ship facilities - indoor & outdoor

Customer cruise line ratings

Holland America Cruises average of 4.1 stars based on 394 guest reviews

  • Overall
  • Cabin
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Service

Holland America Visited Ports


  • There’s so much to see and do onboard. Hone your video-editing skills, rejuvenate at the Greenhouse Spa, attend an engaging lecture, take a cooking class from a master chef, go to a wine tasting or simply relax and unwind.

  • Holland America Line's graceful, mid-sized ships are known for their generous amount of personal space. All staterooms feature luxurious quilted pillow top mattresses, fine linens and towels, premium massage showerheads and Elemis Aromapure bath products.

  • From perennially popular slot machines and blackjack tables to the latest in sophisticated gaming, the Casino offers games for all levels, staffed with professionals eager to help you learn new skills.

Holland America Cruises Fleet Location

Holland America Cruises Faqs

  • Are gratuities included?

    Gratuities are not included. These come at a cost of $14.50USD for standard guests and $16USD for suite guests, this is per person per day.

  • Are there theme nights expected on board?

    No however they do have the occasional formal nights which you will be advised of while on board.

  • Can I bring alcohol?

    Passengers may bring one 750ml bottle of wine or champagne on board via carryon luggage only. This will incur an $18US corkage fee regardless of where it is consumed.

  • Can I bring any electrical items such as an Iron, hairdryer or powerboard?

    Irons and other heating equipment are not permitted, neither are powerboards. Hairdryers and other such equipment are subject to safety checks at boarding.

  • Can I bring bottled water or other non alcoholic drinks?

    As long as these are unopened and in your carry on luggage you may bring non alcoholic drinks on board.

  • Can I bring medical equipment on board?

    In most cases yes, to ensure your equipment can be used on board please speak with your consultant to arrange this.

  • Can I use my mobile while away?

    Mobile reception is available via international roaming, this needs to be set up with your phone provider. Your provider will advise the charge rates.

  • How do I pay on board?

    You can pay in cash or card on board. To use cash please see the pursers desk once on board. Alternatively your credit/debit card can be set up at check. You can also swap between cash and card if necessary. There are ATMs available on board that will dispense the ship's currency.

  • How much luggage can I take?

    Holland America does not restrict luggage however reminds passengers of the limited room in cabins and services such as airline and transfer limits.

  • I have dietary restrictions, can I be accommodated?

    Yes. Holland America can cater to most dietary needs, just let your consultant know and they can pass this information on.

  • Is there a dress code on board?

    For most evenings smart casual is appropriate for dining on formal nights, step it up a notch and dress to celebrate.

  • Is there a fridge in my room?

    No, if you do require a fridge for medical reasons advise your consultant who can put in the request.

  • Is there a kettle in my stateroom?

    No, if you would like tea or coffee for your room, your cabin steward can organise this or call through to room service.

  • What is the currency on board?

    All cruises are billed in USD

  • What type of power points are on board?

    All staterooms are equipped with standard US 110 AC and European 220 AC outlets

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