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Santo (Luganville)
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Luganville is a port on the south coast of Espirito Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu. It belongs to the archipelago of Vanuatu (the New Hebrides before 1980) in the Pacific region of Melanesia. Luganville on the SE coast is Vanuatu's second-largest settlement, and the provincial capital. The island is possibly best known for its renowned diving and snorkelling spot, Million Dollar Point 6 km to the east, where visitors can still sense the US and Allied forces’ presence from WWII.

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This equipment grave, including tractors, aeroplanes and millions of 7-Up and Coca-Cola bottles lined up on the seabed, makes for an unforgettable experience.

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Port Highlights

  • Cool off with a visit to the Matevulu Blue Hole. Crystal clear water covered with a canopy of trees makes this the perfect spot for a swim or even for a snorkel to check out the fish that call the deep waters home.

  • Visit the Freshwater Plantation and experience a working 300-acre cocoa plantation that incorporates the Aore Island Bat Cave. Take part in a tour around the plantation or just relax and enjoy something to eat and drink in their fabulous restaurant.

  • See treasures of the past at Million Dollar Point, given its name when the Americans dumped millions of dollars’ worth of equipment at the end of the war. Grab a snorkel and go check out the equipment littered down the bottom of the water and how the incredible coral reef is slowly reclaiming the area.

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