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Kolyuchin Island lies within the Arctic Circle, 11 km off the northern Siberian coast of Chukotcka Peninsula, in Far East Russia. The Bering Strait, with Alaska to the East, is 300 km distant. The island is 4.5 by 1.5 km, with low hills rising to only 100m, dropping into the sea: its cliff faces are home to myriads of nesting cormorants, murres, puffins and others. It is covered with arctic tundra vegetation: sedges, grasses, mosses and lichens. Read more

Kolyuchin Island lies in the southern Chukchi Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean. The sea is named after the Chutchi people, who live off fishing, whaling and hunting walrus. Polar bears are found on the pack ice, though the extent of ice cover is diminishing annually. The Northeast Passage, which passes Kolyuhin Island, is free of ice and open to shipping around September/October each year.

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