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Cruises visiting Pulau Tellang & all Pulau Tellang cruises for  2019

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Tellang Island is one of the Barat Daya (‘South-West’) Islands in the Banda Sea, in Maluku Province in eastern Indonesia. Within the Bara Daya Islands is the Terselatan Islands District that includes Maopora, Tellang and Romang islands. Tellang Island would fit into an area of 2 km by 1 km, is uninhabited, covered with tropical greenery, has half a dozen white sandy beaches for landing by Zodiacs, and is surrounded by coral gardens. It lies about 100 km to the NE of Timor-Leste. As with neighbouring Pulau Maopora, the attractions are snorkelling and beach walking, knowing you are on just one of 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. But while 264 million live on (some of) the other islands, none live here permanently.

Tellang is within the ‘Coral Triangle’, a roughly triangular area of the tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. The region sustains fisheries and tourism along with marine conservation. It contains 76% of the coral species of the world, and 37% of the reef fish. Interestingly, though the Molaccas were known as the Spice Islands, spices never grew in this southern region. Also note that Tellang and its neighbours are part of the Inner Banda Arc, a volcanic island arc created by the collision of the Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. However, there are no volcanoes in the Barat Daya region.

Although the Barat Daya islands are part of the Moluccas, geographically they align with the Lesser Sunda Islands. Rainfall is limited and during the dry season some islands appear as dry savannah. Most of the islands are barren, infertile and minimally forested. They are part of Wallacea, the group of Indonesian islands that are separated by deep water from both the Australian and Asian continental shelves, and separated by deep water from both the Australian and Asian continental shelves. As a result they have few mammals and a mix of flora and fauna from both continents.

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