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Cruises visiting Krakatau & all Krakatau cruises for  2019

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Krakatau (aka Krakatoa) is a black volcanic island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. The name is used for the island group, the main island, and the volcano as a whole. It has erupted repeatedly, massively, and with disastrous consequences throughout recorded history. The best known eruption culminated in a series of massive explosions on August 26-27, 1883, which were among the most violent volcanic events in modern times. Despite the devastating effects, the disappearance of the gigantic Krakatoa also meant the birth of small islands in its place, including the present Anak Krakatoa (Child of Krakatoa).

The sound of the explosion was heard as far away as Alice Springs, in Central Australia, fine ash reached as far as New York City, while the resultant tidal waves, which caused complete destruction in the surrounding coastal areas, reached as far as the American west coast. It resulted in the death of more than 30,000 people, mostly by the huge tsunamis triggered by the eruption. Interestingly, the eruption was the first global news event after telegraph lines had connected the continents world-wide. From both West Java's west coast, and from Sumatra's Lampung Province, this young and very active volcano is clearly visible.

Today the volcano is under 24-hour visual and electronic surveillance from Java. If not on a cruise ship, approach Krakatau from Java in two hours by speed boat. Alight on the black-sand beach and approach the mountain side through the thick coastal vegetation. Hike up the steep gritty slopes covered in scattered football-sized boulders spewed from its crater. Half-way up is a ledge that allows wonderful views of the surrounding green tropical islands, and see your boat way below. The second half of the climb may not be advisable, in view of the dangers of the smoldering and fiery crater that has grown 1 cm every day since 1927.

Cruises visiting Krakatau in 2019

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