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Russell Cameron Senior Consultant | CLIA Accredited

Russell Cameron

Senior Consultant | CLIA Accredited

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I love what I do. It's the people you meet and the culinary and cultural experiences. I have travelled all over the globe thanks to my 13 years in the travel industry. I live for the excitement of going to the airport and flying internationally for work, but not going to a boring meeting. Making new like-minded friends and get to experience all the fantastic products and destinations the travel industry has to offer. I love bringing this excitement to my clients, I live vicariously through them when booking their holidays.

What is your favourite cruise destination you visited & why?

The Caribbean - It's the party relaxed vibe the minute you get onboard. I'm a rum man!

What is your favourite cruise ship & why?

Royal Princess - Even though its 3560 passengers for a week I thought it had 356.

Favourite cruise tip you give your clients

Research shore excursions hard. From experience, the one that is most popular, ends up being disappointing and you missed out on a hidden gem!

Ships I have cruised on

Ships I have inspected