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Peter Russell Founder & Senior Cruise Researcher

Peter Russell

Founder & Senior Cruise Researcher

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The Internet was a new frontier 20 years ago when Peter launched our online presence, at the same time as Google and Virgin. Starting from scratch, it was full of exciting changes and challenges to meet, an amazing real-life and family experience second to none. It was believed that the Internet changed so fast that one year online equalled about five years in the real world, so these days Peter is enjoying an oversight role while experiencing an occasional cruise with co-founder and wife Tosh.

What is your favourite cruise destination you visited & why?

Visit our neighbours, island hopping from PNG to Tahiti on any of our cruise ships, the smaller the better!

Favourite cruise tip you give your clients

Your holiday is too precious to risk, so protect yourself and those with you at all times, being alert with sensible health & safety precautions at all times. But you can still enjoy yam cakes in the villages, washed down with fresh coconut milk but not kava though.

Ships I have cruised on