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Jane Lillywhite Senior Consultant | CLIA Accredited

Jane Lillywhite

Senior Consultant | CLIA Accredited

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My love affair with cruising started around 30 years ago. Having been lucky enough to work on cruise ships for 10 years I have been all around the world at least three times and have so many memories of the amazing places and people I have met on my travels. One of my Favorite things to do is pass on my experiences to my clients, matching their wish lists to the perfect ship and destination so they can tick that particular destination of their bucket list and move on to the next.

What is your favourite cruise destination you visited & why?

Recently I was lucky enough to do an expedition cruise of the Kimberley which was very special. I also love the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri. What they all have in common is the colour of the ocean; a stunning turquoise that never ceases to catch my eye. I can't forget Barcelona, I lived there for many years and the port area, Las Ramblas, the food, oh sweet memories! I could give you a top ten but I've been told just one so have already gone over the top!

What is your favourite cruise ship & why?

I am a small ship girl and love the intimacy of the small ships and Azamara has always been one of my favorite cruise lines, affordable but you still feel special and looked after. Oceania are another cruise line that I love and Silverseas has to get a mention because that was the company I travelled around the world with.

Favourite cruise tip you give your clients

Always give yourself plenty of time! Don’t start an amazing cruise worrying that you are going to miss it because you haven’t given yourself enough time, especially when going places where flight connections are involved. Also always try and book speciality restaurants and shore excursions online before you board because nowadays that is how the majority of people book and when you get on board you do not want to be disappointed when there are no spaces available.

Ships I have cruised on

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