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Andrew Garrett Senior Consultant | CLIA Master

Andrew Garrett

Senior Consultant | CLIA Master

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My first cruise was with my family on a 6 week trip from Australia to Europe and I have been hooked on cruising ever since. With over 20 years in the travel industry you realise how much there is to see in this world. I love to learn and experience as many cruises as possible to offer the most expert advice. This knowledge and experience makes me ranked as the top 10 CLIA accredited agents in Australia.

What is your favourite cruise destination you visited & why?

The Meditteranean - for the history, the different countries and variety of food and drinks to experience!

What is your favourite cruise ship & why?

Paul Gauguin - They offer incredible destinations and have such a relaxed atmosphere onboard.

Favourite cruise tip you give your clients

Make the most of every situation as some things are out of your control.

Ships I have cruised on

Ships I have inspected