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Many cruise lines are making regular amendments to their forward sailings based on the constantly evolving environment in each cruise region. Below are the current Temporary Suspension of Sailing dates given by major cruise lines. If you had a cruise booked on an affected cruise, please go to Cancelled Cruises for more details on your options.

APT Travel Group Australian Touring & Cruises suspended to 30 November 2020; All International touring & cruising suspended to 31 Oct 2020 - Updated 07 October 2020

Avalon Waterways Suspended worldwide to 31 December 2020 - Updated 07 October 2020

Azamara Suspended worldwide to 15 March 21 or later - Updated 07 October 2020

Carnival CruisesSuspension varies by market & ship. Resumption begins between 01 November 2020 and May 2021; - Updated 07 October 2020

Celebrity Cruises Suspended worldwide to 30 November 2020; Australia & Asia Summer seasons cancelled - Updated 07 October 2020

Costa Cruises Resumption of service begins from 14 August 2020, some ships vary. - Updated 07 October 2020

Cruise & Maritime Voyages In Administration. All future cruises cancelled. - Updated 21 July 2020

Crystal Cruises Ocean cruises suspended worldwide to 09 January 2021; - Updated 26 August 2020

Cunard Varies by ship - Updated 25 August 2020

Disney CruisesSuspended worldwide to 6 December 2020; - Updated 15 September 2020

Dream Cruises Genting Dream suspended to 30 August 2020; World Dream suspended to 28 March 2021; Explorer Dream services have resumed - Updated 10 August 2020

Fred Olsen Cruises Suspensions vary by ship between Nov 20 and March 21 - Updated 07 October 2020

Holland America Line Suspended worldwide to 15 December 2020.- Updated 12 August 2020

MSC CruisesResumption of services begin from 16 August 2020. Some ships vary by region - Updated 07 October 2020

Norwegian Cruise Lines Suspended worldwide to 30 November 2020, some ships later - Updated 07 October 2020

Oceania Cruises Suspended worldwide to 30 November 2020; Insignia to 26 April 21 - Updated 07 October 2020

Paul GauguinResuming sailing to locals from mid-July 2020; resumption to International guests from August 2020 - Updated 15 July 2020

P&O Australia Sailings from Australia Suspended to 02 December 2020 - Updated 07 October 2020

P&O UK Suspended worldwide to 12 November 2020, longer itineraries in 2021 cancelled. - Updated 07 October 2020

PonantResumption of services have begun, based on local market rulings. - Updated 10 August 2020

Princess Suspended in most markets to 15 December 2020, some ships later. - Updated 07 October 2020

Regent Seven SeasSuspended worldwide to 30 November 2020; World Cruise 2021 suspended - Updated 07 October 2020

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Suspended worldwide to 30 November; Australia suspended to 31 December 2020 - Updated 07 October 2020

Scenic Worldwide (Except Australian domestic) Ocean cruises, River & Land tours suspended to 31 October 2020; - Updated 28 July 2020

Varies by ship - Updated 07 October 2020

Seabourn Varies by ship- Updated 07 October 2020

Uniworld Suspended worldwide to 31 October 2020 - Updated 07 October 2020

Viking Ocean Cruises Suspended worldwide to 31 December 2020 - Updated 07 October 2020

Virgin VoyagesInaugural Season delayed to 31 October 2020 - Updated 06 August 2020

Windstar Wind Spirit to resume on 15 October 2020; Other ships vary - Updated 07 October 2020

Other Press Releases Updated 07 October 2020
Australia Domestic Travel PolicyNew Zealand Border PolicyQantas International ServicesQantas Domestic ServicesVirgin Australia Reduced ServicesInternational Travel Restrictions Map Emirates Resumes Services


Where a cruise line has announced a suspension of service that affects your booking, you will be contacted by the Cruise Line direct, if you have provided your email address within the Cruise Personaliser. You will also be contacted by your Clean Cruising consultant with the options available to you. Please take your time deciding between a Future Cruise Credit (FCC), or a refund, as you generally will be unable to switch once you've decided.

APT Travel Group ATG Future Holiday Credit

Avalon Waterways Cancelled Cruise Offer

Azamara Cancelled Cruise OfferRefund Request Form (suspended cruises only)

Carnival CruisesCancelled Cruise Offer Refund Request Form (suspended cruises only)

Celebrity Cruises Cancelled Cruise Offer Refund Request Form (suspended cruises only)

Costa Cruises Cancelled Cruise Offer

Cruise & Maritime Voyages Cancelled Cruise Offer

Crystal Cruises Cancelled Cruise Offer

Cunard Cancelled Cruise Offer

Disney CruisesCancelled Cruise Offer

Holland America Line Cancelled Cruise Offer

MSC CruisesCancelled Cruise OfferFuture Cruise Credit Form

Norwegian Cruise Lines Cancelled Cruise Offer

Oceania Cruises Cancelled Cruise Offer - Submission Deadlines apply

P&O Australia Future Cruise/Refund Form

P&O UK Cancelled Cruise Offer

Princess Cancelled Cruise Offer Future Cruise/Refund Form

Regent Seven SeasCancelled Cruise Offer

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Cancelled Cruise Offer Refund Request Form (suspended cruises only)

Scenic Cancelled Cruise Offer

Silversea Cancelled Cruise Offer

Seabourn Cancelled Cruise Offer

Uniworld Cancelled Cruise Offer

Viking Ocean Cruises Cancelled Cruise Offer

Windstar Cancelled Cruise Offer


To help you make a decision on future cruises with some degree of confidence, many cruise lines are offering a new Booking Policy that has more flexible cancellation restrictions than usual. If you have a cruise in teh near future and see a cruise that captures your imagination you can lock it in now, and have the freedom to change your mind much later, and still receive a future cruise credit. See below for each cruise line's offer.

APT Travel Group Peace of Mind Policy for bookings made by 30 Sep 20

Avalon Waterways Peace of Mind Policy for departures up to 31 October 2020

Azamara Cruise with Confidence Policy for bookings made before 30 September 2020

Celebrity Cruises Cruise with Confidence Policy for bookings made before 30 September 2020

Crystal Cruises Book with Confidence Policy for bookings made by 02 September 2020

Cunard Flexible Cancellation terms for forward bookings

Disney CruisesCruise with Confidence Policy for bookings made by 31 August 2020

Holland America Line Cruise with Confidence Policy for bookings made by 31 August 2020

MSC CruisesFlexible-Cruise-Programme for departures up to 31 December 2020

Norwegian Cruise Lines Peace of Mind Policy for all 2020 cruises

Oceania CruisesTravellers Assurance Program for bookings made before 31 August 2020

Ponant Booking with Serenity Policy

Princess Cruise with Confidence Policy *Extended* for departures up to 30 April 2021

Regent Seven SeasRegent Reassurance Policy

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines *NEW* Cruise with Confidence Policy for bookings made on/before 30 September 2020

Scenic *NEW* Flexible terms for departures to 31 December 2020

Silversea Cruise with Confidence Policy for departures up to 30 April 2021

Uniworld Cruise with Confidence Policy for departures in 2020 or 2021

Viking Ocean Cruises Risk Free Guarantee

Windstar Cruise with Confidence Policy


What happens if my trip has been cancelled by the cruise line?

If you have been advised that your cruise has now been cancelled your consultant will work through your options with you. You will receive an email from the cruise line if your booking is affected, and this will include the options for you to consider. In most cases, these include receiving a Future Cruise Credit or receive a full refund. For all suspended cruises where the cruise line is offering a full refund, we will refund our fee for the cruise also. Please read your email and take your time to decide which option is right for you. Your consultant will then assist you further.

What happens if I choose to cancel my trip?

If you choose to cancel your trip, where no official travel restriction is in place from WHO, DFAT and the CDC, and the supplier (cruise lines, airlines and other operators) has not made any changes, normal cancellation fees will apply. Many suppliers are offering flexible conditions to give passengers options and minimise any loss. Many have also introduced further cancellation protection which can be purchased at the time of booking to avoid losses.

We also revised our own cancellation policy temporarily to give you greater flexibility with your existing travel plans until 30 June 2020. Where a cruise line has revised their cancellation policy, we will hold our regular cancellation fee in credit for you for 12 months, to apply to a future travel booking. Where a supplier has not revised their cancellation policy, our standard cancellation policy applies. You can view our full terms and conditions here. We have options to give you confidence and flexibility to proceed with your holiday planning.

What assurances are cruise lines giving for travel later in the year?

Given there is some uncertainty around, many cruise lines have revised and relaxed their booking and cancellation policies, offering penalty-free changes, deferments and future travel credits so you can book with confidence. Speak to your consultant about these changes to make an informed decision. You can also view the latest cruise line updates via the links at the top of this page.

What measures are cruise lines putting in place to ensure my safety on board?

Cruise lines are exercising an abundance of caution in every decision they take, with passenger and crew safety a number one priority. Restrictions on who can board, itinerary changes, advanced health screening, additional deep sanitisation measures and additional medical staff on board, are just some of the strengthened measures on board. Cruise lines are working closely with health authorities to continually revise and enhance health and safety protocols. Further details can be found on the CLIA website and via the cruise line links above.

I requested a refund but haven’t received it yet, do I need to get in touch?

Our team is processing refunds within 24 hours of receiving them, however we are seeing lengthy delays from cruise lines, which is understandable given the sheer volume of processing they are working through. Cruise lines have communicated their wait times individually - generally speaking we’re seeing 30-60 day processing times, but up to 90 days in some cases. We’ll be in touch as soon as funds are received on our end.

I’m concerned about accepting a Future Cruise Credit for my cancelled cruise - will cruise lines still be around to honour them when I go to travel?

The short answer is yes! In contrast to the airline industry, the parent cruise line operators - Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines - have delivered consistent profits since the sector launched about 50 years ago and go into the current crisis with strong balance sheets. Many new cruise ships are on order (and remain so) and cruise lines are eager to invite passengers back on board once it is safe to do so.

I’m concerned you won’t be around once I do consider travelling again. Will you be?

We’re a family owned business that has been operating for 20 years. These years in the industry have taught us that in travel while there are many highs, there can be real lows too. While COVID-19 undoubtedly marks an all-time low, it’s the rainy day we’ve long been preparing for, so that we can continue to be around for the next 20 years and beyond.

Along with being well prepared, we are ATAS ( and AFTA ( accredited, which gives you consumer protection for insolvency - so your money is very safe. Also when booking with us, monies are immediately transferred to cruise lines, so no funds are held at our end, further protecting you.

Will your office continue trading regular hours?

Yes. Behind the scenes, we have set up our team to work from their homes, to ensure their wellbeing and for continuity of service for our customers, no matter what the coming weeks and months bring. Our business hours will remain unchanged, so we’re here if you need us.

Other resources regarding travel & health:

DFAT Smart Traveller- Travel Ban
Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA)
Department of Health
World Health Organisation (WHO)


If you’ve been issued a Future Cruise Credit, you may have some questions about how they work and how to get the best value for them. We can help!

1. What is a Future Cruise Credit?
A Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is similar to a store credit, but issued by cruise lines. Many times, instead of issuing a direct cash refund, cruise lines will issue a credit for the price of the cruise that can be used toward booking a different sailing.

2. Do I have to redeem my Future Cruise Credit with the cruise line or original booking agent directly?
No, we will help you navigate the FCC redemption process and maximize your FCC’s value by providing you with bonus offers you will only find here.

3. What are the benefits of redeeming my Future Cruise Credit with Clean Cruising?
• Our cruise experts will walk you through the process and give you advice to make sure you get the right cruise holiday for you
• You will receive everything the cruise lines offer PLUS
• We will give you exclusive bonuses only from Clean Cruising
• Past guest offers will be applicable to your new booking
• With 20 years experience, we're here with you all the way, and will still be here when you get back from your next cruise too.

4. How long do I have to use my Future Cruise Credit?
Expiration dates vary by cruise line. For specific details on Future Cruise Credits issued by an individual cruise line, we suggest you speak with a consultant.

5. What happens if I rebook using my Future Cruise Credit and I have to cancel, or if the cruise line cancels the cruise?
If you cancel — A new FCC will be issued if the cancellation is outside of standard penalties. If cancellation penalties apply, they will be deducted from the FCC amount and the remaining balance will be issued as a new FCC.
If the cruise line cancels — You will be issued a new FCC at 100% of the original value.

6. Can I book a cruise online using my Future Cruise Credit?
Unfortunately, at this time, no one is able to book a cruise online using an FCC as payment. If you call us on 1800 121 187 one of our cruise experts will take care of it for you and help you maximize your credit with exclusive bonus offers only available by booking with Clean Cruising.

7. What can my Future Cruise Credit be applied to?
Your FCC will be applied to the cruise fare less taxes and fees. Other items may be applicable and vary by cruise line. Please call one of our cruise experts who can assist you with any questions.

8. What happens if there’s a difference in cruise fare between the Future Cruise Credit I receive, and the cruise that I would like to book next?
If the cruise fare for the new booking exceeds the FCC’s value, you will be responsible for the difference. If the new cruise fare is lower than the FCC’s value, the remaining balance may be issued in a variety of ways depending on the cruise line’s policy, including a new FCC or onboard spending. We will help you take full advantage of every dollar you have in credit, plus we’ll give you even more for booking with us.

9. Can I carry promotional amenities or value adds (onboard spending, specialty dining offers, spa credits, etc.) from my original cancelled reservation to my new future booking?
At time of cancellation, the cruise line removed all promotional offers, amenities, and value adds, so they will not carry over to your future reservation. However, your Clean Cruising consultant will secure the latest promotions and value adds to make sure you get the most out of your cruise.

Ready to apply your Future Cruise Credit today? Call our team of cruise specialists on 1800 121 187 and we'll be happy to assist.