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Path Of The Discoveries - 6342A

Ship: Seabourn Quest  
Departure: Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Nights: 38 nights
Departs: Barcelona
Returns: Montreal
One Way Trip
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Days at Sea
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Countries Visted
  • Itinerary

    Path Of The Discoveries - 6342A

    Ports of call

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    Day Date Port of Call Arrival Departure
    1 Tuesday, July 18, 2023 Barcelona, Spain Embark 5:00 PM
    View of Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona, located in Catalonia Spain, is Europe's largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, and one of the world’s major global cities. Today, Barcelona balances itself on the cutting edge of architecture, intellectual life, and style. Indeed Barcelona won the 1999 RIBA Royal Gold Medal for its architecture, the first time that the winner has been a city, and not an individual architect. Read more about Barcelona, Spain

    2 Wednesday, July 19, 2023 Valencia, Spain 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Valencia, Spain

    Valencia city, the administrative capital of the Valencian community and the centre of the region of L’Horta, is situated in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. The Old City of Valencia, with its monuments, museums, and gardens, is a major tourist attraction. Here one finds the Gothic building of La Lonja that has been declared by UNESCO as a universal heritage monument. Read more about Valencia, Spain

    3 Thursday, July 20, 2023 Cartagena, Spain 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Cartagena, Spain

    Cartagena is a Mediterranean city and naval station located in the Region of Murcia, SE Spain. The rich Carthaginian heritage extends as far as the Sea Wall, built by Charles III in the 18th century, and which defines the old quarter. Overlooking the Mediterranean there are two elements that are clearly connected with the sea: the prototype of the submarine by the inventor Isaac Peral; and the National Museum of Maritime Archaeology. Read more about Cartagena, Spain

    4 Friday, July 21, 2023 At Sea
    5 Saturday, July 22, 2023 Lisbon, Portugal 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Lisbon, Portugal

    Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, lies in the western Iberian Peninsula aside the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River. As one of the oldest cities in the world, it is rich in Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Modern and Post-Modern constructions. The city is also crossed by historical boulevards and monuments along the main thoroughfares. Read more about Lisbon, Portugal

    6 Sunday, July 23, 2023 Oporto, Portugal 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
    View of Oporto, Portugal

    Located in the scenic estuary of the Douro River with swathes of vineyards clinging to the hills, Oporto - aka Porto - is Portugal's second largest metropolis, and one of Europe's most charismatic cities. The city is home to monuments by leading world architects from the past and the present, and some fantastic baroque carvings. Then there’s the world-famous sweet wine, and Ribeira - Its historical centre - that was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. Read more about Oporto, Portugal

    7 Monday, July 24, 2023 El Ferrol, Spain 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
    View of El Ferrol, Spain

    El Ferrol is a city and a naval station located on the Atlantic coast of NW Spain. Perhaps best known for its spectacular Easter week celebrations, with the town’s maritime and military tradition reflected in a procession through the streets, and with statues of the saints being carried to the rhythm of drums and musical bands. Those interested in archaeology will be fascinated by the nearby existence of prehistoric human settlements, an abundance of burial chambers, megalithic monuments, and Petroglyphs. Read more about El Ferrol, Spain

    8 Tuesday, July 25, 2023 At Sea
    9 Wednesday, July 26, 2023 Cork, Ireland 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Cork, Ireland

    Cork is the principal city and administrative centre of County Cork, situated in the SW of Ireland. County Cork has earned the nickname of ‘the Rebel County’, while Corkonians often refer to the city as the ‘real capital of Ireland’ and themselves as the ‘Rebels’. It began on an island in the swampy estuary of the River Lee, and gradually climbed up the steep banks on either side. Read more about Cork, Ireland

    10 Thursday, July 27, 2023 Penzance, Uk
    11 Friday, July 28, 2023 St Helier, Great Britain 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of St Helier, Great Britain

    St Helier is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. While the urban area makes up part of the largest town of the island - as well as being its capital - it is predominately rural. Not to be missed is the official Site of Special Interest, the Central Market. Read more about St Helier, Great Britain

    12 Saturday, July 29, 2023 Scenic Cruising Sein
    12 Saturday, July 29, 2023 Rouen, France 12:00 PM
    View of Rouen, France

    Rouen lies on the River Seine in northern France and is the capital city of Normandy. It is possibly best known for being home to the site of Joan of Arc’s pyre where she was burnt in 1431, and which is now marked by the modern church of Saint Joan of Arc, situated in an historical square with buildings of fascinating architectural styles. Another very famous attraction is the Notre Dame Cathedral situated at the centre of the old city, with its unique Butter Tower and fabulous Gothic architecture. Read more about Rouen, France

    13 Sunday, July 30, 2023 Rouen, France 3:00 PM
    View of Rouen, France

    Rouen lies on the River Seine in northern France and is the capital city of Normandy. It is possibly best known for being home to the site of Joan of Arc’s pyre where she was burnt in 1431, and which is now marked by the modern church of Saint Joan of Arc, situated in an historical square with buildings of fascinating architectural styles. Another very famous attraction is the Notre Dame Cathedral situated at the centre of the old city, with its unique Butter Tower and fabulous Gothic architecture. Read more about Rouen, France

    14 Monday, July 31, 2023 Cherbourg, France 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Cherbourg, France

    Cherbourg is a coast town of Normandy, France, on the English Channel. Of special note is that Cherbourg was the first stop of the Titanic after leaving England. Also of note are the massive man-made sea walls and the ever-busy piers. Read more about Cherbourg, France

    15 Tuesday, August 1, 2023 Dover, Great Britain 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Dover, Great Britain

    Dover, the world’s busiest ferry port, is located in the county of Kent, England, at the extreme SE corner of Britain. It faces France across the narrowest part of the English Channel, 35 km away across the Straits of Dover. Possibly best known for its lyrically famous ‘White Cliffs’, archaeological finds have revealed that the area has always been a focus for peoples entering and leaving Britain, and this continues to this day. Read more about Dover, Great Britain

    16 Wednesday, August 2, 2023 Cowes (Isle of Wight), Great Britain 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Cowes (Isle of Wight), Great Britain

    Cowes is an English seaport town on the Isle of Wight. It is located on the west bank of the estuary of the River Medina, facing the smaller town of East Cowes on the east Bank. The two towns are linked by the Cowes Floating Bridge, one of the few remaining chain ferries. Read more about Cowes (Isle of Wight), Great Britain

    17 Thursday, August 3, 2023 At Sea
    18 Friday, August 4, 2023 Belfast, Great Britain 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
    View of Belfast, Great Britain

    Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, and is currently experiencing a successful tourist boom. One of the most visited cities in the UK, Belfast has plenty of attractions and is a good base from which to visit virtually anywhere else in the North. In the city centre concentrate on the glories resulting from the Industrial Revolution – grandiose architecture and magnificent Victorian pubs – and the rejuvenated area from Ann Street to Donegall Street now known as the Cathedral quarter. Read more about Belfast, Great Britain

    19 Saturday, August 5, 2023 Holy Loch, Great Britain 8:00 AM 5:00 PM

    Holy Loch, in the Scottish county of Argyll, is a small Sea Loch (lake, firth or fjord), one of many small lochs that open to the 130 km major water way the Firth of Clyde. Holy Loch is about 1 km wide and 3 km long, depending on the tide. The loch is lined with small settlements which back onto the Highlands that rise from 400 to 700m. Read more about Holy Loch, Great Britain

    20 Sunday, August 6, 2023 Staffa Island, Great Britain 5:30 AM 8:00 AM
    View of Staffa Island, Great Britain

    The tiny uninhabited Staffa Island, aka Pillar Island, famous for its fascinating pillar- like rock formations, lies in the inner Hebrides, Scotland. With its coastline displaying columnar basalt such as those on Am Buchaille, amazing sea cliffs, The Colonnade perhaps being the most outstanding, makes the effort of visiting - the island lacks a genuine anchorage - extremely worthwhile. Read more about Staffa Island, Great Britain

    20 Sunday, August 6, 2023 Tobermory, Great Britain 11:00 AM 8:00 PM
    View of Tobermory, Great Britain

    Tobermory, the core area of the UNESCO Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve, is part of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada - a strip of land separating Lake Huron from Georgian Bay. With its frame houses and twin harbours of "Big Tub" and "Little Tub" the atmosphere is one of a quiet urban village. With many unique wildflowers, it boasts the largest concentration of orchids in North America, and is a perfect getaway spot for naturalists, photographers, divers, hikers, and kayakers looking for that special place. Read more about Tobermory, Great Britain

    21 Monday, August 7, 2023 Stornoway, Great Britain 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Stornoway, Great Britain

    Stornoway is an attractive town and the administrative centre of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The shape of the town is defined by the harbour, and is home to a beautiful, rugged landscape of rolling grassy hills and crinkly inlets of the sea. Take a leisurely stroll round the harbour and see everything from the ferries to cargo boats and small visiting yachts, as the harbour is definitely an asset to the town. Read more about Stornoway, Great Britain

    22 Tuesday, August 8, 2023 At Sea
    23 Wednesday, August 9, 2023 Heimaey, Iceland 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Heimaey, Iceland

    Heimaey is the largest island (13.4 sq.km.) in the Westman Islands or Vestmannaeyjar cluster, 7.4 km off the south coast of Iceland. The Landnáma Icelandic record states it was first settled in about 900. It is the only island in Vestmannaeyjar that is populated, with around 5000 inhabitants. Read more about Heimaey, Iceland

    24 Thursday, August 10, 2023 Reykjavik, Iceland 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Reykjavik, Iceland

    Reykjavik, the capital and largest city of Iceland, is the gateway to Iceland's stunning natural wonders, which range from ice fields to boiling thermal pools. The landscape on the island seems to be in a continual process of transformation much like its society, which blends Nordic tradition with sophisticated technology. On the waterfront see the open-air history of shipping disasters. Read more about Reykjavik, Iceland

    25 Friday, August 11, 2023 Vigur Island, Iceland 8:00 AM 8:30 AM
    View of Vigur Island, Iceland

    Vigur is an island in the Ísafjardardjúp fjord in Western Iceland, offshore from villages such as Hamar, Kobleinseyri and Trod. It is the second largest island in the fjord, and it is filled with bird life, being a nesting ground for Puffins, terns, guillemots and several other species. There’s an historic building on the island known as the Viktoriuhus that acts as a small museum of items from the Westfjords Folk Museum. Read more about Vigur Island, Iceland

    25 Friday, August 11, 2023 Isafjordur, Iceland 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
    View of Isafjordur, Iceland

    The capital of the Westfjords of Iceland is Isafjordur. The landscape is majestic, with fjord after fjord towering above shore and sea, but each and every fjord has its own distinctive character. Tiny fishing villages nestle at their foot. Read more about Isafjordur, Iceland

    26 Saturday, August 12, 2023 At Sea
    27 Sunday, August 13, 2023 Prince Christian Sound, Greenland
    View of Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

    Located on the southernmost tip of Greenland, the largest island in the world, is Prins Christian Sund (Danish), 500m wide and 100 km long, with mountains either side rising 1000m above sea level. A scenic cruise through this channel is one of the world’s best day-scenes from a cruise ship. It is awe-inspiring, with its rugged beauty of narrow passages, dramatic rock formations, steep fjords, drifting ice floes, and towering glaciers marking the southern tip of the massive Greenland ice field. Read more about Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

    28 Monday, August 14, 2023 Qaqortoq, Greenland 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
    View of Qaqortoq, Greenland

    Qaqortoq is a town in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland. It is the most populous town in the region and the fourth largest town in the country. The oldest standing building of Qaqortoq is a black-tarred log building from 1797. Read more about Qaqortoq, Greenland

    29 Tuesday, August 15, 2023 Nanortalik, Greenland 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Nanortalik, Greenland

    Nanortalik is Greenland's southernmost town and is located in a scenic area with some of Greenland's most picturesque fjords, small woodlands and steep mountainsides. The town's name means ‘place of polar bears’, which refers to the polar bears that occasionally pass through the town in summer, together with the pack ice from the Arctic Ocean. It is a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and visitors appreciate meeting a friendly population of hunters who live in beautiful natural surroundings. Read more about Nanortalik, Greenland

    30 Wednesday, August 16, 2023 At Sea
    31 Thursday, August 17, 2023 At Sea
    32 Friday, August 18, 2023 St John's, Canada 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of St John's, Canada

    St John's is the capital and largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is located on Canada's SE Atlantic Seaboard, where the Bay of Fundy meets the mouth of the St. John River. Read more about St John's, Canada

    33 Saturday, August 19, 2023 St Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of St Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    Saint-Pierre is the capital of the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. These are the only two low-lying inhabited islands in an archipelago of eight islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 18 km off the south coast of Newfoundland, Canada. They form the last remaining part of the French North American Empire. Read more about St Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    34 Sunday, August 20, 2023 At Sea
    35 Monday, August 21, 2023 At Sea
    36 Tuesday, August 22, 2023 Saguenay River, Canada 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Saguenay River, Canada

    The 96 km Saguenay River is a major river of Quebec, Canada. It is bordered by steep cliffs and has a very high flow rate. The river drains into the Saint Lawrence River at Tadoussac, where its cold waters merge with the warmer waters of the St. Read more about Saguenay River, Canada

    37 Wednesday, August 23, 2023 Quebec, Canada 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
    View of Quebec, Canada

    Quebec, capital of the Canadian province of the same name, is so ‘French’ it is said that to visit Quebec is to experience France without crossing the Atlantic. French must be the predominant language on signs, retail or food service employees always greet customers in French, and there are even laws dictating whether parents can send their children to English or French school. The architecture, ambience and mostly French-speaking citizens are proof that some of France has been permanently ingrained in North America. Read more about Quebec, Canada

    38 Thursday, August 24, 2023 Trois Rivieres, Canada 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
    View of Trois Rivieres, Canada

    Trois Rivieres is French for three rivers, and is so named for the fact that the Saint-Maurice River - which is divided by two small islands at the river's opening - has three mouths at the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. The city's main street is Boulevard des Forges, an area several blocks long in the heart of the Old City that is composed of century-old buildings, housing, a great variety of cafés, restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops, which are appreciated by all visitors. In the warmer months, the area - due to various festivals - is turned into a pedestrian mall. Read more about Trois Rivieres, Canada

    39 Friday, August 25, 2023 Montreal, Canada 7:00 AM Disembark
    View of Montreal, Canada

    Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, Canada, and is also the largest inland port in the world. Situated between a majestic mountain and the sparkling St Lawrence River, sailing into the port with its impressive skyline of grand 19th century grey stone buildings never loses its fascination for passengers. Old Montreal is one of the main attractions, where visitors can travel by horse-drawn carriages, stroll along the cobble stone streets, visit museums, art galleries, chic boutiques and vintage coffee shops. Read more about Montreal, Canada

  • Ship

    Seabourn Quest Overview

    Seabourn Quest

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    This vessel is no.5 of the “Top 10 Small Ships” in Berlitz Guide for 2018! Seabourn Quest was recently refurbished in 2013. The crew knows all 208 passenger-guests by name and anticipates their every wish. This is a small ship where travellers meet and talk, are invited by officers to dine, and everyone is a welcomed guest. And the menus attract vacationing restaurateurs.

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    Seabourn Quest Cabins

    Verandah Suite

    Verandah Suite

    Verandah Suite on the Seabourn Quest Verandah Suite on the Seabourn Quest

    Cabin Types

    RB, SV, OB

    Average Cabin Size – 0 m2

    Average Balcony Size – 0 m2

    With this selection, you are guaranteed to receive a stateroom within a selected category class, anywhere on the ship. However, the actual room assignment and location on the ship may be determined at any time after your reservation has been completed and paid in full up to the day of sailing.

    Ocean View Suite

    Ocean View Suite

    Ocean View Suite on the Seabourn Quest Ocean View Suite on the Seabourn Quest

    Cabin Types

    GR, WG, SS, OW, PS, PH, V6, V5, V4, V3, V2, V1, A1, A, SA, OS, RR

    Average Cabin Size – 41.2 m2

    Average Balcony Size – 14.5 m2

    Size: 1,189 sq. ft. (110 sq. m.) plus two verandas totaling 214 sq. ft. (20 sq. m.) Occupancy: 4 guests. Description: Combine mid-ship suites 743 & 745 or 744 & 746 Amenities: Located all the way forward in the bow of the ship with three verandahs, a living room with dining area, two bedrooms with queen sized beds or 2 twin beds, two bathrooms with separate tub (one whirlpool) and shower, guest bath, butler pantry with wet bar, two fully stocked bars, one makeup vanity, two walk-in closets with personal safe, one alcove closet, hairdryer, telephone, three flat-screen TVs with DVD players, Wifi internet access, plush bedding featuring 100% Egyptian cotton duvet, bed linens, terry robe and slippers.

  • Deck Plans

    Deck Plans for Seabourn Quest


    • Third Guest Capacity Suite
    • Obstructed port side view with larger veranda overlooking the center pool
    • Shower only
    • Elevator
    • Connecting Suites
    • This Suite has smaller veranda
    • The veranda railings in this suite is part metal and part glass from floor to teak rail
    • Partially Obstructed View
    • Self Service Launderette
    • Suite 830 Third Guest capacity for Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Quest only
    • Wheelchair Accessible Suites
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    Seabourn - Value Fare Offer

    Seabourn - Value Fare Offer

    The Seabourn Value Fare is the lowest available fare of the day.
    • Flexible, refundable deposit.
    • Gratuities
    • Gourmet dining with complimentary beverages
    • Open bar - selected beers, wines, spirits
    • Enjoy complimentary beverages on board.
    • Each suite comes with a personal steward to ensure every need is met.

    Terms & Conditions apply.

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    Cruiseline: Seabourn Cruises Ship: Seabourn Quest Departure: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 Nights: 38 nights Departs: Barcelona Returns: Montreal

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