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Southeast Asia, India & Arabia - 7218A

Ship: Seabourn Encore  
Departure: Sunday, February 27, 2022
Nights: 31 nights
Departs: Hong Kong
Returns: Dubai
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Countries Visted
  • Itinerary

    Southeast Asia, India & Arabia - 7218A

    Ports of call

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    Day Date Port of Call Arrival Departure
    1 Sunday, February 27, 2022 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Embark 11:00 PM
    View of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, situated on China's south coast and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea, is a kaleidoscope of life, a sophisticated fusion of East and West, a city of diversity where new and old meet at every turn. Hong Kong offers a host of memorable tourist attractions within its compact area. Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha are among the most awe-inspiring. Then take the famous Escalator and the Tram to the Peak, the tallest point on the island, with some of the most expensive homes to be found anywhere. Read more about Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    2 Monday, February 28, 2022 At Sea
    3 Tuesday, March 1, 2022 Hong Gai, Viet Nam 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
    View of Hong Gai, Viet Nam

    Hong Gai – aka Halong, Hanoi – is a port city located about 160 km NE of Hanoi in Vietnam. The city lies mainly on Bai Tu Long Bay, a part of the beautiful Halong Bay. This huge bay is famous for its wonderful landscape of over 200 cliff islands covered with beautiful tropical vegetation and surrounded by the mysterious, beautiful, quiet waters of the bay. Over innumerable centuries the lapping waves at the bases of the cliffs have resulted in the many strangely shaped limestone inlets, striking caves and grottos. Read more about Hong Gai, Viet Nam

    4 Wednesday, March 2, 2022 At Sea
    5 Thursday, March 3, 2022 Da Nang, Viet Nam 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Da Nang, Viet Nam

    Da Nang, Vietnam's dominant port and 4th largest city, is located on the southerly curve of a vast well-protected bay on the South China Sea coast, midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The city has a strong industrial base, a traditional fishing industry, and growing tourism market. Stroll along the Han riverfront with its modern hotels, apartments and restaurants. Spectacular new bridges span the river, and in the north the landmark new D-City is rising from the flatlands. Read more about Da Nang, Viet Nam

    6 Friday, March 4, 2022 At Sea
    7 Saturday, March 5, 2022 Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam 9:00 AM 12:00 AM
    View of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

    Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), the largest city of Vietnam in SE Asia, is situated on the banks of the Saigon River which flows into the Mekong delta, in the south of the country. Phu My, 70km to the SE, is one of the many ports used by tourist ships bringing visitors to this rapidly developing and dynamic city with more than 6 million citizens. Ho Chi Minh City’s architecture and lifestyle is a combination of American and Chinese influences. Modern office skyscrapers, amidst Chinese style pagodas and food stalls along the street, create a dynamic urban area in a very special sense. Read more about Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

    8 Sunday, March 6, 2022 Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam 12:00 AM 4:00 PM
    View of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

    Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), the largest city of Vietnam in SE Asia, is situated on the banks of the Saigon River which flows into the Mekong delta, in the south of the country. Phu My, 70km to the SE, is one of the many ports used by tourist ships bringing visitors to this rapidly developing and dynamic city with more than 6 million citizens. Ho Chi Minh City’s architecture and lifestyle is a combination of American and Chinese influences. Modern office skyscrapers, amidst Chinese style pagodas and food stalls along the street, create a dynamic urban area in a very special sense. Read more about Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

    9 Monday, March 7, 2022 At Sea
    10 Tuesday, March 8, 2022 Sihanoukville, Cambodia 7:00 AM 8:00 PM
    View of Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Sihanoukville (aka Kampong Som) is a port city in southern Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand, 185 km SW of the capital Phnom Penh. Historically, it was the site of the last official battle of the U.S. Army in the war, and two shipwrecks 40 m down, off one of its islands, are of interest to divers. It is the only deep water port in the country, and one of the main centres of economic growth in Cambodia. Read more about Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    11 Wednesday, March 9, 2022 Ko Kut, Thailand 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Ko Kut, Thailand

    Ko Kut is an island in the Trat Sea Waters of Thailand, at the eastern-most part of the country adjacent to Cambodia. It was originally a village, but now the name encompasses a whole district in Trat Province, eastern Thailand, consisting completely of islands. Ko Kut is ringed with sleepy seaside villages, while inland the island is very wild with a lot of coconut and rubber tree plantations. It is a delightfully quiet and 'away from it all' destination. Read more about Ko Kut, Thailand

    12 Thursday, March 10, 2022 Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand

    Bangkok, the capital, largest urban area and primary city of Thailand, is about a two-hour trip from Laem Chabang Port. The city is situated at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. It is a place where the past, present, and future live harmoniously together, as reflected by the luxury hotels and gleaming skyscrapers that grace the skyline alongside dazzling, historical temples. The city's wealth of cultural landmarks and attractions in addition to its notorious entertainment venues has made it synonymous with exoticism. Read more about Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand

    13 Friday, March 11, 2022 At Sea
    14 Saturday, March 12, 2022 At Sea
    15 Sunday, March 13, 2022 Singapore, Singapore 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Singapore, Singapore

    Singapore is an island nation located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It lies 137 km N of the Equator, just south of the Malaysian state of Johor. One of the few remaining city-states in the world, Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city that is brimming with diversity and has a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture and a world famous variety of cuisine. You'll find historic sites like the Thian Hock Keng temple, superlative shopping, including gargantuan malls, and numerous beaches. Read more about Singapore, Singapore

    16 Monday, March 14, 2022 Kuala Lumpur (Kelang), Malaysia 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Kuala Lumpur (Kelang), Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur - or KL as it is known - is situated midway along the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, and as the nation's capital city it is the focal point of the new Malaysia. The city truly brings together Malaysia's past and present and its varied cultures. Visitors can appreciate the evocative British buildings as well as the unbounded spirit of progress that symbolises Malaysia's unhesitating leap into the future. Indeed it is home to the Petronas Twin Towers, among the tallest twin towers in the world. Read more about Kuala Lumpur (Kelang), Malaysia

    17 Tuesday, March 15, 2022 Penang, Malaysia 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Penang, Malaysia

    Penang Island is located on the NW coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, by the Strait of Malacca, while Penang State includes a narrow hinterland that is separated from the island by a channel. All tourists should visit the World Heritage Listed site of George Town. Take a trishaw ride or a guided walking tour to explore the nooks and crannies of George Town which, with its unique architectural and cultural townscape, and where every clanhouse and building represents a page of its colourful history, is definitely a ‘must-see’. Perhaps take a thirty minute cable car ride, or a three-hour hike through lush foliage of the rainforest to Penang Hill with its amazing views. Read more about Penang, Malaysia

    18 Wednesday, March 16, 2022 Phuket, Thailand 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
    View of Phuket, Thailand

    Phuket is the main town in the SE of an island of the same name, in the south of Thailand. This destination provides perfect silky-soft beaches, together with superb hospitality. With spectacular scenery and warm blue waters, it is not surprising that it is Asia's most popular beach destination. A range of fantastic day trips are of offer that include rafting, trekking, riding an elephant in Khao Lak, snorkelling at Coral Island, sea kayaking or canoeing in Phang Nga Bay, or taking a Jungle Safari in Khao Sok National Park where you get to ride elephants through the jungle - to name but a few. Read more about Phuket, Thailand

    19 Thursday, March 17, 2022 At Sea
    20 Friday, March 18, 2022 At Sea
    21 Saturday, March 19, 2022 At Sea
    22 Sunday, March 20, 2022 Colombo, Sri Lanka 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Colombo is the largest city, and the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Despite its frenetic traffic and the general hustle and bustle of being where you can see some of the tallest buildings in Asia, it does offer some interesting attractions. In the northern part of the city you can find the British fort, dating from the 19th C, as well as the gracious old buildings of previous colonial eras. Visit the national museum, and the Pettah bazaar district where the streets are crammed with shops and stalls selling everything from vegetables to gemstones. Read more about Colombo, Sri Lanka

    23 Monday, March 21, 2022 At Sea
    24 Tuesday, March 22, 2022 At Sea
    25 Wednesday, March 23, 2022 Mumbai, India 5:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Mumbai, India

    Mumbai, with its natural deep harbour on India's west coast, is its most populous city as well as the richest. Comprising seven islands that once were home to communities of fishing colonies, over time, joined to form the city earlier known as Bombay. It is now the commercial and entertainment capital of India. Surprisingly, the townscape is more reminiscent of a prosperous 19th-century English industrial city than anything you'd expect to find on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Read more about Mumbai, India

    26 Thursday, March 24, 2022 At Sea
    27 Friday, March 25, 2022 At Sea
    28 Saturday, March 26, 2022 Muscat, Oman 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
    View of Muscat, Oman

    Muscat, lying on the Arabian Sea along the Gulf of Oman, is the capital and largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. The climate is very hot, with annual average temperatures ranging from 24C. to 33C., but it can get as high as 49C in the summer. It is, though, very dry, hence humidity is not a problem. Read more about Muscat, Oman

    29 Sunday, March 27, 2022 At Sea
    30 Monday, March 28, 2022 Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    View of Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates

    Sir Bani Yas Island lies in the Persian Gulf, 170km W of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. It is a nature-based destination alive with wildlife and adventure activities, and many interesting historical sites. The island is one of eight that make up the Desert Islands in Al Gharbia (Western Region). Awarded the World’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination at the 2014 World Travel Awards, more than half of the island is made up of the Arabian Wildlife Park, one of the region’s largest wildlife reserves, and home to more than 10,000 free roaming animals. Read more about Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates

    31 Tuesday, March 29, 2022 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
    View of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, is an island city in the NE of the Persian Gulf. The climate is hot and arid, with sunny skies yearlong. Temperatures pass 40°C in April through September, but are cooler from November to March. Abu Dhabi was originally a pearling community and still maintains its traditional values of hospitality. Read more about Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    32 Wednesday, March 30, 2022 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7:00 AM Disembark
    View of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai, The Pride of the United Arab Emirates, is situated on the southern Arabian Gulf. The subtropical climate sees blue skies, temperatures reaching the mid-40s, and little annual rain. The city is all about contemporary shopping with more than 70 shopping malls in the city and indoor entertainment. Regarded as a shopper’s paradise, price negotiation is often acceptable, especially in the markets. Read more about Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Ship

    Seabourn Encore Overview

    Seabourn Encore

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    Seabourn Encore continues the brand’s signature features: High staff to passenger ratio, relaxed club-like atmosphere, all of your expenses included in the fare, and visit many ports hidden from other ships. Extensive thought has gone into the design of public rooms and staterooms, and with just 600 guests spread over 12 decks you won’t feel crowded.

  • Cabins

    Seabourn Encore Cabins



    Suite on the Seabourn Encore Suite on the Seabourn Encore

    Cabin Types

    GR, WG, SS, OW, PS, PH, V6, V5, V4, V3, V2, V1, SV, OB, RB, OS, SA, RR

    Average Cabin Size – 43.9 m2

    Average Balcony Size – 11.5 m2

    Size: approx. 1,189 sq. ft. (110 sq. m.) plus two verandas totaling approx. 214 sq. ft. (20 sq. m.) Occupancy: 4 guests. Description: When combining the following suites, their suite numbers change as follows: Suites 800 and 804 become Grand Signature Suite 8004; suites 801 and 805 become Grand Signature Suite 8015; suites 846 and 848 become Grand Wintergarden Suite 8468; suites 849 and 851 become Grand Wintergarden Suite 8491.Amenities: 2 or 3 verandas, living room with dining area, two bedrooms with queen sized beds or 2 twin beds, two bathrooms with separate tub (one whirlpool) and shower, guest bath, butler pantry with wet bar, two fully stocked bars, one makeup vanity, two walk-in closets with personal safe, one alcove closet, hairdryer, telephone, three flat-screen TVs with DVD players, Wifi internet access, plush bedding featuring 100% Egyptian cotton duvet, bed linens, terry robe and slippers.

  • Deck Plans

    Deck Plans for Seabourn Encore


    • The veranda railings in this suite is part metal and part glass from floor to teak rail
    • Connecting Suites
    • Elevator
    • Obstructed port side view with larger veranda overlooking the center pool
    • Partially Obstructed View
    • Self Service Launderette
    • Shower only
    • Suite 830 Third Guest capacity for Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Quest only
    • Suites 700 and 701 are subject to noise when anchoring and have all metal veranda railings, limiting the view when seated
    • Third Guest Capacity Suite
    • This Suite has smaller veranda
    • Wheelchair Accessible Suites

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    Southeast Asia, India & Arabia - 7218A

    Cruiseline: Seabourn Cruises Ship: Seabourn Encore Departure: Sunday, February 27, 2022 Nights: 31 nights Departs: Hong Kong Returns: Dubai

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