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Bronwyn Mundt Groups Co-ordinator | CLIA Ambassador

Bronwyn Mundt

Groups Co-ordinator | CLIA Ambassador

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I have been in the travel industry for just on 25 years now, and the last 10 years in the cruise industry. I absolutely love cruising and have been on over 30 myself. What I like most is everything is done for you. Unpack once and enjoy waking up in new destinations. There is a type of ship and cruise to suit everybody. Do as much or as little as you like. It's the perfect holiday.

What is your favourite cruise destination you visited & why?

Tahitian Islands - Spectacular destination, along with cruising on smaller ships, makes this one of the best cruises we have ever done. Can't wait to experience it again in the future.

What is your favourite cruise ship & why?

Windstar - the ship I was on many years ago is now retired. Smaller ships have a wonderful intimacy to them. Loved how the back of the Windstar ship lowered down to water level for all of the water sports.

Favourite cruise tip you give your clients

If you are not sure how you will be with the movement of a ship (especially a 1st time cruiser) pay a little extra and get as close to the middle of the ship on the lower decks. Being able to select your own cabin and location is something I always do.

Ships I have cruised on

Ships I have inspected