Princess Cruises – Ocean Medallion Holidays

Princess continually pushes the boundaries with innovative features and the Ocean Medallion is one of the most exciting new features to date. You will be inspired to see and do more on your cruise than ever before, while experiencing a truly personalised and effortless cruise holiday.

Ocean Medallion debuts on 13th November 2017 on Regal Princess, 19 January 2018 on Royal Princess, 18 March 2018 on Caribbean Princess, 16 May 2018 on Island Princess and 25 October 2018 on Golden Princess. It will be optional, so guests can choose to opt in or out at any time. The Medallion is only available on Ocean Medallion holidays and is always complimentary. Accessories such as wristbands, necklaces and key chains are optional and you can purchase them before you set sail.

What is Ocean Medallion? The 1.8-ounce wearable disk enhances the experience of Princess’ ship guests by offering an “unprecedented level of customization” throughout the entire holiday process.

You will be given an Ocean Medallion to carry with you while on your cruise that will hold your unique digital identity. The medallion communicates with readers located throughout the ship and in selected ports.

This allows crew to learn more about you and your preferences, they will know your favourite food and beverage choices, your likes and dislikes, and make recommendations accordingly. For example, if you are a keen snorkeler they may suggest some great snorkelling excursions at your next port of call.

Ocean Medallion will also allow you to make payments, unlock your stateroom (no more need for key cards), and allow smoother embarkation among many other exciting features.

Benefits and Highlights of Ocean Medallion

  • Easily locate friends and family around the cruise ship – great for keeping track of each other
  • Access your stateroom easily with no key card required, simply approach the door to unlock
  • Purchase merchandise easily with no cards needed for transactions
  • Experience enhanced dining based on food and beverage preferences
  • Ocean Medallion powers an array of entertainment experiences and interactive gaming
  • Will provide significant enhancements to interactions with crew members and guests

Definitions and Features
O.C.E.A.N. – One Cruise Experience Access Network, bringing amazing travel experiences to you aboard Princess. It connects people, places, and cultures around the world to bring you a vacation that is more than just a cruise, it’s an experience.

Ocean Medallion Class – Is your key to endless holiday possibilities, creating a personal and simple cruise experience. Your needs, wants and desires will be anticipated throughout your holiday.

Ocean Compass – This is your guide throughout your holiday experience and will inspire you with immersive and engaging content opening a world of possibilities.

Ocean Concierge – Will build an experience that is personalised just for you by providing suggestions and invitations to activities and events based on your preferences as indicated in your guest profile. It enhances your experience with real-time awareness of fantastic opportunities on board and onshore and maintains your profile spanning your cruise history.

Ocean Ready – The Ocean Medallion will enhance and speed up the embarkation process with travel documentation added to your guest profile in advance, along with other preferences provided by the guest ahead of time.

Ocean Navigate – Accessed through Ocean Compass, Ocean Navigate will help you find your way so you will never be lost. Know the whereabouts of your family as they may be enjoying a range of activities throughout the ship. Guests will easily be able to communicate with friends and family through an instant messenger service available with Ocean Compass.

Here & Now – This great new feature allows you to place food and beverage orders and have them delivered to your current location. Never miss a moment of Movies Under the Stars by having your order delivered direct to your lounge chair.

There & Then – Place a beverage order and have it delivered to a place of your choosing at a designated time. If you would love a glass of wine in the theatre for example, while watching one of the fantastic nightly shows, you can pre-order your drink and have it delivered to your seat.

Ocean Medallion will revolutionise the Princess Cruise experience, be sure to book your next cruise to experience it for yourself. Call our team here at Clean Cruising on 1800 121 187 or check our website