Have you been looking for inspiration for your next Adventure? Antarctica is one of the extraordinary natural wonders in the world that can seem nothing but a dream to be able to explore it. It is sure to be on your very own bucket list, where you can Marvel at the winter Paradise or experience an encounter with the local penguins and sea lions.

Our very own Seabourn Representative from Queensland, Christine decided Antarctica was her next adventure and you can be reassured to be amazed. We have exclusive access to what life is like on board Seabourn and what experiences you can expect. Also a few a few insider tips you may not have thought of when travelling to Antarctica.

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My husband and I did the Seabourn Quest to Antarctica in December 2018.  What an experience!!!!  First Cruise of the season.  21 days, Chile, Argentina, Falklands, Antarctica and Uruguay. They were all fantastic and I was surprised by them all, but particularly The Falklands (Malvina’s.).  It was our first time to South America, and we can’t wait to go back. Seabourn is a fantastic option to go down there – food, service, entertainment and a ship with excellent stabilisers!!

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We went kayaking near a Chilean Base, where we were lucky enough to have not only penguins swimming with us, but also 2 humpback whales about 150 meters from us.  What a site, but I have to admit, when we stopped kayaking to admire them – you realised quickly how cold it actually was!  The ice bergs move surprising quick, which made for spectacular viewing and exciting kayaking.

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We were also lucky enough the Captain changed course for us to experience the majesty of the world’s biggest iceberg!  Over 15 kms long!  The ship was dwarfed by it.  Just incredible and amazing work by the Captain time and time again to ensure we had many once in a life time experience!

My general advice for going to Antarctica:
– Buy waterproof pants that are a couple of sizes too big.  This will ensure they fit easily over the many layers you need to wear – particularly early in the season (Dec.)
– Be prepared for adventure and things to change at the last minute.  The weather in Antarctica changes in minutes, so be patient and it could just change again!
– Due to your safety and the weather, itinerary changes happen.
– Antarctica is remote and rugged.  It does NOT have ports to dock in and you will often be scrambling over rocks to get ashore from your zodiac.  This is part of the adventure.
– Penguins are smelly!
– Don’t stand behind a penguin when it bends over.
– If you like a dark space to sleep in, close the incredible black out curtains on Seabourn! (Or take an eye mask) The sun is up the entire time you are down there.
– On Seabourn you are given an amazing parka and jacket.  These are definitely needed!  However, it also means you don’t need to take an extra one.
– If you are taking your own Wellington Boots – ensure they are thick, good grip and come up as close to your knees as possible. Seabourn does hire them as well – but if you take them over, on the way back, leave them in South America and use that space for your Seabourn jacket!
– Walking sticks are a great idea.  Again – they can be hired on a Seabourn ship if required.
– Remember the reason you are going to Antarctica is to experience somewhere very few others have been to.  Enjoy the adventure!
– Seabourn spend up to 6 nights down in Antarctica.  More than any other main stream cruise line.

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For further information or to book a Seabourn Cruise, contact our experts at Clean Cruising on 1800 121 187.