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Carnival Spirit has an overall score of 4.2 out of 5
based on 204 guests we surveyed after their cruise.

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Reviewed by Overall Cabin Dining Entertainment Service
Teena H
27 Mar 2015
"We booked our cruise to New Caledonia after many years of waiting to fulfil our dream of going on a cruise and going overseas. We have 3 children and have waited until they were older to embark on our holiday of a lifetime. For over 7 months we have counted down to our departure our eldest daughter has completed a school assignment on New Caledonia and we have purchased everything needed in preparation for our warm island holiday including 5 passports which has cost us almost $1000. We set sail on the 9th March departing Sydney to be told shortly after leaving shore that the itinerary would need to be altered due to the cyclone near our destination. It wasn’t until the next morning we were told over the public announcement system that we were now going to Melbourne, Hobart and returning to Sydney. We were then told that it was no longer classed as an international cruise but a domestic one and as such all items purchased duty free would have to be refunded. The casino was also closed on numerous occasions due to us being in domestic waters. Our children were unable to use the pool or slide as the weather was cold and most events scheduled for the level 9 deck had to be moved inside due to the temperature. We understand that no one can anticipate bad weather but we are disappointed to say the least that we were not given the option at the Sydney port to postpone our holiday as we were told within an hour of leaving port that there was going to be a change. The terms and conditions state that there would be no compensation if it was due to bad weather etc but it also stated that it would reschedule an itinerary as close as possible to the original one. We believe that this has not happened in this instance and the ports could not be any further apart not only in location but also what it offers. It became apparent that the reason for the selection of ports was because Carnival isn’t able to berth at all ports which we feel is a problem for Carnival and should not be at the expense of its passengers. We have spent over $10,000 including airfares from Tasmania, cruise, passports etc and taken our annual leave along with taking our children out of school for almost 2 weeks to fly from Tasmania to Sydney to only cruise back to Tasmania. Everyone that we have spoken to is amazed that this was allowed to happen and no reimbursement (only $150 per person which was spent on the boat) was offered. It has been pointed out that a domestic cruise such as this would be a lower cost to passengers compared to an international one. There were over 2600 passengers on this boat and the reputation of Carnival has certainly been tarnished in this instance. We feel that the situation has been dealt with atrociously and believe that we along with the other passengers should be offered some sort of offer for a future cruise. At the moment we feel we would NEVER travel with Carnival again or NEVER recommend Carnival to others to travel. It has been a huge disappointment to our family and a huge expense also. Every aspect of your business conduct and ethics statement has been damaged in this instance!! Building and maintaining trust in our business relationships and pursuing the highest standards of ethical behavior remain a fundamental aspect of our company’s core values. Micky Arison, Chairman John And Teena Hardinge : Phone 0409 513 934 : Email"
Kristine S
22 Mar 2015
"I felt the food was very poor in the buffet and the selection was minimal. The entertainment on board was absolutely shit besides one band, if it wasn't for that band playing, I would of been so bored. The live shows were average compared to other previous cruises. And my biggest complaint of all is that when I put cash onto my card, I expect my card to stop working once I have reached my limit not get an unexpected bill at the end of the cruise!!!!!! That is totally wrong."
Cheryl F
22 Mar 2015
"Hi, I and many, many others were very disappointed as we did not go the the ports we were supposed to...In saying that Carnival knew about the weather conditions and we shud have been given an option to cruise or cancel for a next cruise..I had spent money for activities on the islands THEN also had to spend more money on warm clothes..A group of us that met on the cruise WILL be booking another cruise but not with Carnival..We feel that the least they can do is give us a discount on the next cruise..Thankyou"
Pamela C
20 Mar 2015
Katie S
20 Mar 2015
"While on board the cruise was excellent. We were very disappointed about our itinery change will mid cruising as we were not given a choice. The cruise line knew 4 days before we left about a cyclone that we were heading into and as this was a family holiday that we had saved and saved for, we feel that we should have been offered a choice of whether we wanted to still go or our money or credit back. We had to pay and organise passports that we did not get to use and as my kids are close to 18 we will not be able to use them again( wasted money).i do understand that it was an act of nature but they did know this days before we left and changed the itinery to port we ha d been to before, so very disappointed . We had to spend extra money to buy warmer clothes as we were taken to ports that the temerature was freezing."
Julie T
16 Mar 2015
Timothy H
14 Mar 2015
Colin H
12 Mar 2015
"Children shouldn't be allowed to run around in the casino area."
Michelle J
4 Mar 2015
Paul F
4 Mar 2015
"Went to the specialty restaurant on carnival spirit. Quality of food and service was no better than in the ships main dining room. We would not go to specialty restaurant again. We have been to the Luke Mangan specialty restaurant on P&O cruise and his restaurant which was so so much better for quality and service than the Spirit specialty restaurant."
Rohan P
2 Mar 2015
"I would mention that the service at the Fountain Cafe could have been better in that the staff were a bit slow and often distracted with their own conversations. Our waiter (Junior) in the Empire dining room, was fabulous and deserves special congratulations. Also The waitress in the theatre (Kinga) was lovely."
Ann M
25 Feb 2015
"The cabin was very small for 3 people. The boat was very noisy with loud music everywhere."
Sue V
25 Feb 2015
"A big thank you to our consultant Carli and all the team. The cruise has created 2 more cruise travellers. the girls and I loved The Spirit all staff on board were very helpfull."
Jason D
12 Feb 2015
"It was my first cruise and I had a great time."
Marie P
11 Feb 2015
"Food was cold and not enought varity. Staff were not friendly"
Gil R
6 Feb 2015
"My wife and I were actually very impressed with the vessel, accommodation, food, entertainment and service. But the problem is with my wife and myself. We easily get seasick. Though we want to go crusing again, we would just fly and stay in a resort."
Pat J
30 Jan 2015
"I thought the photographers should have spent more time setting up people as I have photos where some people have their head covered by someone's shoulder etc. we had photos missing from our package which have been paid for and we have emailed them but as yet not had a reply"
Vlado M
22 Jan 2015
Julie G
22 Jan 2015
Garry H
21 Jan 2015
"Purchased a Vista Suite and Ocean View Suite at cost on level 8 aft, and had cigarette butts and food thrown on our deck. Complained on 7 occasions and no real action taking to rectify the problem. Also you go on balcony and all you could smell was cigarette smoke. Smoking area was suppose to be on level 9 forward startboard we were level 8 aft port. Be warned, if you purchase a Vista Suite, you will need up with cigarettes and food on your balcony all the time, On the 7th complaint Guest Services suggested it was my fault as I booked that cabin. Also had leaks through the roof everywhere on level 8, with a blower in our room for 2 days. Carpet in hall way was soaked to the point you walk over it and it soaked into your socks. Wait staff and room staff 11 out of 10. Action issues and complaints 0 out of 10. So much for non-smoking and a kids cruise. Food was 5 out of 10."
Kaylene B
14 Jan 2015
"as a family we love carnival"
Cheryl A
12 Jan 2015
"I found nearly everything on Carnival to be of excellent standard. Food variety was superb from the buffet to the restaurants. Service from the crew and stewards was a very high standard. I would certainly travel with Carnival again."
Carole D
12 Jan 2015
"We had a relaxing time but were very disappointed on the dinning experiences. The main dining area was very very average and the food was cold. The formal dinning was not much better and sometimes you were rushed thru just like a number. I guess because this is our fourth cruise with other cruise lines we found it not flash."
John S
12 Jan 2015
"loved it"
Carole D
11 Jan 2015
"very relaxing trip but the food was very disappointing , in the main restaurant was always cold. We always dined in the empire for dinner and felt rushed and many evening meals were luke warm or over seasoned terribly. compared to three other cruise lines we have done we were felt let down:-("
June S
10 Jan 2015
"First time with Carnival - I feel that you need to have more supervision regarding entering dining room and buffet, you have hand sanitisers but nobody checking people using it.previous cruises we have been on a crew member is there to see it is used. I was disappointed in the food the fact that most times it was not hot enough.Children should be supervised by parents at buffet - you state that but it is not followed up."
Paula D
9 Jan 2015
"1st cruise ever - will definitely do it again - loved every second - don't know why I haven't done it before!"
Evangelos V
22 Dec 2014
"Our steward was extremely a great guy, he is the friendliest person that we have ever encountered with and he was always there to make sure that everything was perfect for us he had really great values of responsibility which are extremely rare to be found nowadays and simply he just made feel that we wished this holiday to have never finished! In overall words stateroom steward Florin was one of the greatest guys we have ever met and every moment was a complete joy to meet with him at the times that we went out of the room and we bumped into him! Really great guy!"
Penny E
21 Dec 2014
Ruth D
15 Dec 2014
"Did same cruise in February this year and food didn't seem to be of the same high standard this time. Otherwise excellent."
Janice T
13 Dec 2014
"Cleanliness and courteousness of staff was excellent. Food was average. However overall value for money, excellent."
Sandra C
13 Dec 2014
"The activities were very much centred on the young, 80s/90s trivia, Star Wars trivia, karaoke, hairy chest/golf putt competitions etc. Overall I was happy to wander the ship and was not bored but children running around the quieter areas and running up and down stairs was at times a little annoying. The outside areas were either young children filling the pools with parents or on the "Serenity Deck" for over 18s, pool, pods and chairs fully occupied by 18-35s. I swam only once and relaxed on that deck when the ship was docked at Mare. Many of the more mature people stayed on board as I did and without exception, made the same comments. Overall though, the cruise was excellent in relation to attention, comfortable and spotless bed and cabin and fantastic food. It was the cruise I chose for the price, not the cruise line so I have not real complaints."
Dolores R
12 Dec 2014
Dolores R
12 Dec 2014
Isabella F
9 Dec 2014
Craig M
7 Dec 2014
"Stood in a line in the hot sun for 2 hours when it was time to go onboard the ship due to a computer crash. We found the food in the dining room to be very average in comparison to the last cruise onboard the same ship. Entre's were very small prawn coctail consisted of 3 prawns and a small amount of lettuce, seafood platter entre was 2 prawns, a small piece of salmon curled up. Several meals were very substandard. I have never returned food to the kitchen on a couple of nights a felt very much like doing so and discussed my dislike with our table waiter who listened but seemed to not do anything about my complaint. I noticed I was not the only one complaining as there appeared to be several couples from most of the tables around us. I will sail again with a cruise line more oriented towards adults as children were again left to run the hall ways, slam doors and take over some of the adult areas with nobody stopping them. Love sailing, love the Carnival Spirit but will next time prefer to sail with Royal Carribean or Princess Lines"
Thangarajah P
4 Dec 2014
Zoe H
4 Nov 2014
"They should have had a seminar or something on the last day where they give you the option to book another cruise."
Sharon W
14 Oct 2014
"Carnival need to provide a pool/spa that is separate for teenagers. They do not want to swim with 3 year olds. That's all!"
Kaylene N
12 Oct 2014
"Staff on board were lovely and everything ran quickly and smoothly when leaving the ship for shore excursions. Perhaps the entertainment during the day could have been a little more varied. Entertainment of an evening was terrific. For a first time cruise we all had a wonderful time."
Vanda M
11 Oct 2014
"Uncontrolled kids on board and not enough Adult only areas was a big issue for us."
Hernan R
6 Oct 2014
Sarah P
28 Sep 2014
Leesa D
19 Sep 2014
Debbie M
18 Sep 2014
Leonie P
18 Sep 2014
"as for being my first cruise i loved it ther was only a few things that i felt could have improving on but on a whole it was great."
Joy L
8 Sep 2014
"Swell was exceptionally large but can't be helped. Service by Raja, Rizal and Mareina in dining room was excellent. Stewart Augus was fantastic."
Michelle S
1 Sep 2014
Clara W
26 Aug 2014
Monique L
25 Aug 2014
"Terrible food choices for vegetarian and over priced photos with no package options."
Sandra H
23 Aug 2014
"Probably not the best cruise line business model for older people like us. We are expecting much more from the next cruise you are arranging for us with Holland America."
Narelle J
4 Aug 2014
"Cannot fault our cruise experience. Our wait staff-Wini and Marian, were outstanding providing 5 star service. Our beverage/ bar waiter Annop ensured our glasses were never empty. They made us feel like VIP. Cannot fault carnival at all"
Janice D
26 Jul 2014
Roslyn R
8 Jul 2014
Mary Z
7 Jul 2014
"I have cruised with other curiselines and found that the staff are what make it special, on this cruise our wait staff at dinner were excellent. I feel that the Aussie cruises tend to be very casual where overseas they seem to be a little more formal and I prefer that, it just makes it a little more special for me but that is my own opinion."
Katherine L
6 Jul 2014
Stan K
6 Jul 2014
"When paying for the top suites on other lines there has always been other benefits. eg butler/complimentary fine dining/cocktail functions ect. Carnival Nothing which dinishes value for substantial extra cost for suite"
Anne W
6 Jul 2014
Bruce W
5 Jul 2014
"Very expensive drinks and very poor entertainment. We've already booked another cruise with Carnival, and that will probably be the last."
Richard B
1 Jul 2014
Lynne G
29 Jun 2014
Richard B
29 Jun 2014
"A great first experience."
Anne B
28 Jun 2014
"We really enjoyed our cruise with Carnival. Unfortunately I lost my prescription reading glasses on the second day so read a lot less than I had planned !! Staff on board were super and very genuine. Would have been great to be in some places when shops were open.We will probably cruise again thanks to this experience."
Debra B
28 Jun 2014
"Everything about our holiday was great. The only issues that we had was that the drinks were a bit expensive. We do enjoy a drink and of course on holidays we certainly enjoyed ourselves. I would have appreciated the opportunity to purchase a champagne or a chardonnay say for around $25 per bottle vs $34-45. There are so many Australian wines that could be accommodated in this price range - e.g. Jacobs Creek Pinot Noir Sparkling. The other idea was to have some other info in the daily newsletter such details about the Hop on Hop off bus - maybe a picture of sticky and where to purchase. We obviously missed the announcement or the info as other people obviously knew about it. Other than these MINOR things - all amazing!! Already looking when we can go next!!"
Terence M
18 Jun 2014
"Have cruised 5 times this beats them all"
Jascinta C
18 Jun 2014
Sharon S
17 Jun 2014
"Had a fantastic first cruise and looking foward to booking another. Thank you Clean Crusing for making the process so easy. Your company has fantastic customer service and I would highly recommend you. Also my parents and 77 year old Aunty had a fantastic time. It was my Dad's first ever holiday at the age of 72 and will defiently be back."
Raymond C
11 Jun 2014
Lieselotte B
30 May 2014
"We're not snobs but for some reason there were an awful lot of bogan type people on board this particular cruise. They lowered the tone of the cruise. This was obviously not the cruise lines fault just a fact."
William F
25 May 2014
Angela V
20 May 2014
Pam R
15 May 2014
"A bit disappointed with entertainment during first half of cruise. New performers were welcome."
Kenneth M
14 May 2014
"We were a little disappointed that the staff on the cruise didn't know about what our cruise was for. It was our 25th Anniversary, and we were also celebrating my 50th birthday. We told the staff at Clean Cruising, but it would seem the information didn't get to the Carnival Cruise staff. Otherwise it was a great cruise/holiday."
Bisica A
14 May 2014
"We had a child with special needs and he his needs to met fairly well . The only thing I would have liked was a priority check in arranged before the day of boarding. We did ask on the day and I was able to be shuffled through ahead with him . This was our first family holiday with him and would do it again as he is unable to fly"
Karen H
13 May 2014
"could not fault a thing it was an amazing experience all staff were amazing everybody was catered for,great fun"
Dieter S
11 May 2014
Julie E
8 May 2014
"No complaints about carnival, but would like to try a different one next time so I can compare. Probably Princess or Royal Caribbean."
Kathleen B
4 May 2014
"Some extra information about some things would have been useful. For example, there was no need to take our own beach towels; gluten-free food was scarce and not labelled. But seriously, those were my only 'complaints'. Thank you to everyone at Clean Cruising who helped make our holiday fantastic! My 8yo son and I had a wonderful time and will definitely be cruising with Carnival Cruises again. Regards, Kathy"
Elizabeth R
4 May 2014
"We travelled with our grandsons aged 13 and 16 the first few days they were overawed by the cruise experience, however once they "settled in" we hardly saw them only at meal times.To quote the eldest "I had the time of my life". I don't think I need to comment any further."
Sylvana M
3 May 2014
Peter K
27 Apr 2014
Susan S
26 Apr 2014
"Special mention to the waiter at the pool bar Aries Espionza He was extremely friendly and helpful nothing was to much trouble for him, he is a credit for the ship a good waiter to keep"
Graham W
23 Apr 2014
Tracey S
22 Apr 2014
Bronwyn G
19 Apr 2014
Derek C
17 Apr 2014
"Everything on the cruise was great"
Darlene D
16 Apr 2014
John O
14 Apr 2014
"The cabin allocated to us on the first 2 nights had a loud banging noise which we reported to customer service, to wich they investigated,as the cruise full they could not relocate us to another cabin, At Vila a cabin was available and we moved to this cabin. They gave us a reimbursment of $172 for the disruption, the staff ,Nicki, Felicia ,Branka were very helpful and sympathetic. Also seating arrangements for the restrauant were split and we were not able to go to the early seating as requested"
Elizabeth F
7 Apr 2014
"Was disappointed that dress rules were not adhered to in restaurants. Ie passengers wearing pyjamas to breakfast, men not wearing shirts in restaurants, nor wearing shoes. Also, there is a no smoking policy in all state rooms, but when on our balcony all we could smell was cigarette smoke, which was very disappointing. This has happened on other cruises as well."
Yvonne F
5 Apr 2014
"The friendliness of the staff really is outstanding on the cruise."
Mark G
31 Mar 2014
"little more activiies in day time eg movies etc"
Caryn L
29 Mar 2014
"Having previously cruised with Princess, P&O was a disappointment. However we now know what standard we will accept and will take that into account next time we cruise."
Christine F
29 Mar 2014
"Was not happy with the quality of the food or the fact that the food was always cold, especially in the restaurant. We sent back meals many times as they were never hot."
Lesley B
23 Mar 2014
"Found the ship too big. Air conditioning too cold - most passengers with coughs and colds. Bit like a floating RSL club which would suit many people but not me. KIds Camp great. Price of small glass of wine at $9 outrageous as it is all "duty free""
Dorothy C
15 Mar 2014
"great alround thanks"
Donald D
14 Mar 2014
"Booked cruise only because friends had already done so. Carnival Spiritl not really in our demographic, was much more a kids ship. Having said that the cost was pretty good so we knew what we getting into. Entertainment was very average."
Katreona M
14 Mar 2014
Ann R
6 Mar 2014
"The cruise was enjoyable and stress free, the booking experience was great no hassles about answering any questions I had and the service very efficient. Christie was very informative and the pre and after service from Tracy, good customer relations service.I would have no hesitation using Clean Cruising again and would recommend your company to friends."
Dean T
5 Mar 2014
"Definately need binoculars in the shops and definatly need duke boxes in the various bar areas"
Ray S
5 Mar 2014
Kay P
27 Feb 2014
Ron H
26 Feb 2014
"Children running along accommodation corridors between 9pm and 10pm - lack of parental supervision. Vibration of ship disturbing particularly while trying to sleep."
Judith r
25 Feb 2014
Sirpa H
24 Feb 2014
"In a few words we had a Excellent Holiday"
Valerie S
18 Feb 2014
"Only my health and wealth would prevent me from doing another cruise - I use a walking stick and need to pay for a carer too. Everything was fantastic except that I needed a wheelchair for disembarkation as it was too far for me to walk, and despite being an elite passenger we were the last to get one, and nearly last to leave the ship. The passengers who needed help were put in in freezing cold lounge waiting!!! Left a nasty taste in my mouth after a wonderful cruise. My friend Dianne did inform the person in charge when we arrived in the lounge and was told that my name was on the list. Maybe I should have checked myself to see where I was on the list - maybe someone had not noticed that I was an Elite passenger and I should have complained after we had been seated a long time. Also the public areas are cooled too much and women in particular need to have something to put around their shoulders when seated. Photos are also far too expensive. I advise reduce the price and print less copies. I have no complaints about your service, however. Thank you so much!"
Deborah M
15 Feb 2014
"as a first time cruiser i have nothing to compare my experience against. However, my Travel Agent Chrissie made the experience much less scary and made me feel less worried. I am thrilled with the treatment and care given to my daughter and I prior to the cruise and now afterwards. I can't wait to rebook our next holiday."
Mira D
13 Feb 2014
Carol L
13 Feb 2014
"Excellent service, very friendly and happy staff. Smooth sailing so that is always a bonus for me!"
Harry F
12 Feb 2014
"we had to avoid cyclonic weather so instead of visiting our favourite islands plus two new ones we made for Mare which is our least liked island and after Suva, Port Denarue and then onto lsle of pines which was the one of the original itinerary, The CARNIVAL SPIRIT more than made up for the itinerary changes we had a good time and would put that ship on our short list for future cruises"
Houssun Z
6 Feb 2014
Colette T
6 Feb 2014
"Unbelievable experience ,kids had a ball . Will start saving for my next one"
Julie P
3 Feb 2014
"we had one very unfortunate experience. the boys paid $299 each to play a game of golf, the course was horrid, they hired buggies and were told not to drive them on fairways,where we do so in australia, so there wasnt any point having them. the price we thought was very expensive but what was appauling is that it didnt even include tees or golf balls which ended up costing well over another 100 dollars. and what finished it for the boys is that because the course didnt start there game until an hour after they got there there game was also cut short. a man came out to and told them there transport was there to pick them up. the four hours including transport time cost the group at least $1300. it was disgusting, i am letting you know so no other unfortunate group puts up with this. very dissapointed"
Sandra F
2 Feb 2014
Ilias L
27 Jan 2014
Mark L
21 Jan 2014
"In our 20 years of married life we have taken many holidays but never a cruise. This was by far the best experience we have ever had. Not only us but our children 13 & 19yo had a fantastic time. My wife was like a queen, serviced upon and having our stateroom made up twice a day was a bonus! She was beside herself. We will most definitely be cruising again in the near future."
Ilias L
20 Jan 2014
Sandra F
20 Jan 2014
Helen R
6 Jan 2014
Joanne F
3 Jan 2014
Carmen D
27 Dec 2013
"The cruise was everything we could have hoped for and more. The attention to details, from cleanliness and good hygiene to the range of food options, entertainment and staff friendliness certainly exceeded our expectations. In my view Carnival are well on the way to becoming the best cruising company."
Anne W
23 Dec 2013
Jaimee K
19 Dec 2013
Elizabeth anne I
16 Dec 2013
"The most unenjoyable part of our cruise was all the queuing... the 4hours it took to embark, the 3 hours it took to get ashore in a tender, and the constant crowds of people everywhere we went. The service throughout was very un-personal, we had to queue for most things, and meal times felt like the food court at a mega shopping plaza. Perhaps this is not unreasonable given there were ~2000 people on board - and so perhaps cruising is just not for us. The cruise did not meet our expectations, but we recognise that our expectations were probably unrealistic. We love being at sea, and ocean travel is a preferred mode of transport - just not on a cruise ship!"
Romolo O
7 Dec 2013
"Dissapointed with the food, poor standard in comparison to other cruise liners. Theme nights started at 22.30. A bit late for kids."
Kaupo l
28 Nov 2013
Lucila P
19 Nov 2013
"Positive: 1) Excellent service from stateroom steward and dining room waiters, and staff overall 2) Enticing meals and varied menus and dining venues 3) Excellent organisation - impeccable crowd control both during cruise, at excursion meetings and at time of disembarkation. 4) Good facilities overall with good access for mobility impaired passengers 5) Prompt response to requests (eg replacement of faulty refrigerator in stateroom was arranged immediately) 6)Variety of activities and excellent shows 7) High standard of cleanliness in staterooms as well as public facilities 8)Excellent safety awareness and well handled emergency (fire on board). Crew remained calm and reassured passengers so we were all confident of survival! 9) Table companions were ideally matched and have become good friends. 10) Lovely celebration of special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) Negative feedback (which could easily be corrected at little cost to Princess) 1) Excessive price of alcohol, and cocktails mostly watered down, with little evidence of alcohol. Wine too expensive, so Princess should allow passengers to provide their own alcohol (or reduce prices) 2) Terrible coffee -may suit American palates but awful for Australian passengers. Consider providing alternative coffee (Toby's Estate or Vittoria perhaps?) 3) Excursions way too expensive, so will attempt to make own arrangements next time. for example, 1-1/2 hr Broome double decker bus tour was $120 each! 4) Photos excessively pricey. You could sell them for $10 and still make a profit (and avoid the many boxes of unsold photos at end of cruise) 5) Please delete Lombok from your itinerary and replace with an additional destination in Australia or New Zealand. 6) It would be great if you could include a talk about the ship, eg how food is disposed of, what is done with human waste, what environmentally friendly practices are in place, etc 7) Fellow passengers commented that the lunchtime live music was too loud. Because of the average age of passengers - 71 years I believe - many were wearing hearing aids so the loudness really affected them (I would like to clarify I am 64 and do not wear hearing aids!)"
Elizabeth d
15 Nov 2013
"Ship was very good, our first time on board, but a large contingent of children ( 700 ) made the 18 and over area very busy as those in that age grouping sought quieter refuge! The FUN ship is geared to cater for young families. Shows,entertainment,and dining could not be faulted, but nothing much after 10pm or so,and the cabin TV programming was very poor. Overall, a nice experience."
Margaret P
15 Nov 2013
Helen W
14 Nov 2013
Jennifer P
8 Nov 2013
"I had a few bad experiences at the bar, being looked over and not served, same in the jellewery store. But the dining attendees were fantastic as we're our cabin steward. There were a lot of children for a planned honeymoon but that was expected. If we use same one, we would bring our child next time."
Scott C
1 Nov 2013
"The Carnival Spirit is excellent for the kids, though the kids wouldn't be on the cruise if it wasn't for the adults paying for them. Activities for the children were full on every day, but for the adults there was hardly any activities other than gaming, bingo and drinking all which cost money. I feel you should relook at your activity schedule for adults as it is very poor. Many people we spoke to had come to the same conclusion as us in the group and as well other travellers, we will not be travelling with carnival again."
Irmgard M
31 Oct 2013
"I have no complaints about the staff,service or the beautiful ship itself.Though compared to another cruise line that i have sailed with, the food and the entertainment was average on this cruise line. Sea day entertainment was very average as there was not enough to do in comparison"
Keri H
24 Oct 2013
"Would have expected more benefits for a Suite. Even had to ask for shower caps and only then given 1 for whole cruise. Having previously taken a suite on NCL, there were extras we would have expected as being normal inclusions and extra service from room attendants."
Shane G
22 Oct 2013
"You need some scales so we can judge our suitcase and carry on weights. We hhad a bit of organising to do at the airport."
Bogudar C
21 Oct 2013
"The drink prices were about 100% higher than on the Raphsody of the Seas 2 years previous, so that came as a bit of a shock."
Michelle anne M
20 Oct 2013
"The only discomfort that I experienced was the vibration of the Carnival Spirit. I haven't experienced this cruising with other cruise ships before and it was a little uncomfortable. Other than that, it was a fabulous cruise and I am already planning to book our next one."
Carolyn S
19 Oct 2013
"1. Maybe more "adult" entertainment during the sail days. 2. More info. on the Ports being visited."
Glenn A
19 Oct 2013
"My first cruise for many years if this is the way they are we will booking another cruise in the near future"
Jayne S
11 Oct 2013
"Not sure cruising is for us but it was certainly a relaxing experience."
Paul C
10 Oct 2013
Judith B
10 Oct 2013
"A few things that would have been handy to know prior to can put money on your card and not use your credit card You can buy a bottle of wine and then have it corked to use each night to save a lot of money make sure you book for the later dining as 5.30 just far too early"
Michael K
1 Oct 2013
"The food was very average in the fine dinning restaurant I could have gotten better with a counter meal the presentation was very sloppy and rushed food spills and stains on plates and bowls I did complain and the waiter was chastized in front of us which I thought was very unprofessional In saying all this I am a where of the challenges in hospitality on a large scale In saying all this it did not take anything away from me enjoying somebody else cooking and having a great time with our wait staff"
Giovanni C
30 Sep 2013
"There were far too many children on board. There were children in licenced bars in the evening! The serenity area (Adults only) had a "No reservation policy" (ie do not leave a towel on a deck chair to reserve it) but this was not enforced by the staff, hence availability chairs in this area was limited. Also it was next to the water park, hence aside the screaming kids, depending on the wind direction - there was an overspray of water across this area. There was not sale off communal party - hence soon after sale away and the muster, we were on our own trying to find something to do (not a very good start to our holiday!) I will not be cruising with Carnival in the future."
Lynda H
18 Sep 2013
"great for families but was not the cruise for us too many children and they were running in packs allover the ship unsupervised.Also evening dining room they allowed men to wear shorts and teeshirts which I thought was a bit slack. If you have a family it is a great cruise the children had a ball. Regards Lynda Harris"
Steven B
10 Sep 2013
"lack of hygiene of the ship !! WE watched at either the buffet or Empire dining and lucky if one out of 30 sanitized their hands and yes you know it, I got ill and still am. Buffet food far too spicy and of average standard. definitely not enough activities for most,the entertainers on serenity,the atrium and bars were ordinary. this was our second time with the spirit and i'd say the last. they say a ship will roll at times, well this one...she shakes , rattles AND rolls..."
Dawn V
2 Sep 2013
Michael S
28 Aug 2013
Karen C
28 Aug 2013
"Had a fantastic time, can't wait to do the next one. highly recommend doing Carnival Cruise to all."
Kwok wing D
27 Aug 2013
Boban S
20 Aug 2013
Yolande B
19 Aug 2013
Raphael S
9 Aug 2013
Narelle G
9 Aug 2013
"The Buffet was terrible compared to other cruise lines for dinner.Sometimes you just dont want to go to the dining Room. The buffet was brilliant for breakfast & lunch however. I loved the Serenity (Adult only area)you really feel special lazing around there."
Dan R
29 Jul 2013
"Mr B who was running the Karaoke thought the show was about him. He was an incessant talker playing music instead of bringing on the Karaoke singers. He sang more times than the people he was supposed to put on. After 2 days I boycotted the Karaoke. I was unfortunate to have Mr B on my previous cruise too."
Nicole karin P
23 Jul 2013
"Would like to be able to book shore excursions and specialty dining online before the cruise. Would like to be able to take some alcohol onboard. Such is the case for the The American and other cruises with Carnival. Would like to have an international winelist. While I like Australian wines where are the US, French etc selections??? This is VERY poor. Our cabin was superb (Ocean suite) but our adult children's balcony room was very average. I would not accept that standard for myself. Overall, lots of fun and good experience. More likely to sail Celebrity or RC in the future for above reasons. But poor cruise line choice over our winter months"
Tracey R
20 Jul 2013
"Think it will be even better next time now we have experience and know how it all works."
Sue N
19 Jul 2013
"The Carnival Legend is coming next year in summer. We would be interested in information regarding a October 2014 or January 2015 cruise."
Jackie B
10 Jul 2013
"Can't wait to go again"
Peter A
4 Jul 2013
Karla C
1 Jul 2013
"Very competitively priced thank you. And we got an upgrade!"
Bill P
1 Jul 2013
"The market for the Carnival Spirit is families and not adults. The dining experience is also very varied."
Ara S
1 Jul 2013
"this is a great ship mainly for family and kids; not so much for adults, although the ship has a small adults only area . Main dining was excellent, but very poor and hardly a variety of food in the buffet at dinner time ."
Josephine H
22 Jun 2013
Helen M
3 Jun 2013
Desmond W
3 Jun 2013
Nathan T
31 May 2013
Ray S
15 May 2013
Elsa M
6 May 2013
"The staff and the service from the staff was second to none. Absolutely faultless."
Barbara E
3 May 2013
"Disembarkation Self assist was badly arranged would not do that again"
Lou K
2 May 2013
"Thanks for a great holiday and the spare tyre I now have around my waist."
Jasmin H
2 May 2013
"One port got cancelled understandable cant control weather but can't have been the first time and they should have had some warning nd there should have been other arrangements made. Food at empire dining was appauling and the main swimming pool was closed congestig the others! It advertises a sushi bar! NON existent"
Graydon C
29 Apr 2013
Ronald bernard G
6 Apr 2013
"Too many kids out of control, meals below standard,dress code not enforced,hygiene poor, kids hogging spas and pools,no parental control, kids running through passages early hours of the morning,bar staff poorly trained and service very poor,(would not last 5 mins. in an Aussie pub) meals disappointing,entertainment below par, service desk and staff very good , boat travels well, gym facilities excellent, shops better than other lines, poor transit to and from boat,limited seating in and around atrium, kids being served at adults bar not a good sight,general layout of boat not as good as competition, cold and tasteless food at not recommend to older generation if you want to keep their custom."
Raymond C
5 Apr 2013
"Karaoke with the live band was EXCELLENT but requires more titles to choose from. Had a great time in the LEGENDS SHOW on the main stage. I got to do the finale as Frank Sinatra. The production was excellent with a full band & dancers. The ONLY bad comment there was NO CURFEW time for the kids & they ran amok. On the dance floor in the lifts pressing every button. Playing with food & making nusiance calls to random rooms. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Have a 10 pm curfew time. The kids have their own clubs let them use them. Many thanks to you Christine your service was excellent. As you know I have referred several people to you the last one being Jim Couchi Regards Ray Cohen"
John S
23 Mar 2013
"The Carnival Spirit crew decided to move our evening meal in the dining room from 6.30pm to 5.30pm. When you take into account that we had to set our watches forward by 2 hours to N.Z.time we were actually dining at 3.30pm our time in Melb. Victoria.We were not happy about that. The food was of poor quality. Not enjoyable at all.The ship and the entertainment were good overall. John and Carmel Stewart."
Helen and brian E
19 Mar 2013
"Overall enjoyed the cruise, wasn't happy with position of cabin, (right at the back), entertainment not too good, dancers and singers lousy, food good, fellow passengers, (well there was a lot of whinging going on), a lot of kids and a lot of really old people, not a great mix this time. Destination and port stops excellent. Timing and quality of entertainment very average."
Susan C
19 Mar 2013
"Carnival is better for families it has lots of entertainment for young we are over 65 Princess or Holland America will be our next cruise as it suits us. I have booked a few cruises with you on the cruie I have seen people wearing you Lanyard we have never got any Regards Susan"
Sue w
18 Mar 2013
"We were disapointed that the only smoking area was at the back of deck 10 in the cold. Entertainment was not as good as the last cruise I went on as they repeated most of the events daily. Overall it was good."
Jack S
10 Mar 2013
"Great cabin & ship.....Communications fair, buffet meals fair Dining room meals good , gym v good overall v good."
Laurence M
6 Mar 2013
"We have enjoyed our overall experiences on our four previous Princess Cruises considerably more. Dining room and stateroom staff were very good, but the casual buffet dining was disappointing. The itinerary was very good and we enjoyed all the ports we visited as well as Fjordland cruising. The entertainment was generally not to our taste."
Ann H
4 Mar 2013
"Super cruise ship popular among all ages. For children there are bright themed play areas as well as a nursery."
Cesar D
1 Mar 2013
Darryl P
1 Mar 2013
"In Bistro area, deck 9, thought there could have been a better selection. To much "spicy" food.On the staff level, found one European Female Officer, to be exceptionaly rude, when responding to a simple question, whilst at the Sounds, in the the NZ South Island: Asked, "How come we came out to sea, from Duskey Sound, to go to Doubtful Sound". Her response, in a crude and abrupt manner,was, "You knew what you were getting, when you paid for it, and why don't you read you newsletter". All present, were taken aback, by her attitude and response. Maybe we are not suppose to ask questions about the ships' operations. Feel that it would have been good, to spend more time in key ports; Aukland, Wellington, Akoroa(for Christchurch) and Port Chalmers(for Dunedin)."
Peter G
23 Feb 2013
"A little too American at times with their shows and dependance upon comedy routines. But you can't deny the Vagas extravagance of the ship. Service was excellent and boarding / departure very professional, something other cruise lines need to learn. Room was fine with an excellent glassed in balcony. Plenty of nooks and crannies throughout the ship to hide away in, plenty of bars and choice of food. The steaks and the service in the paid restaurant wonderful."
Peter G
18 Feb 2013
"All went well."
Sarah O
6 Feb 2013
Tracy M
24 Jan 2013
"The cruise was good but the ship was way too big - too may people. To do a cruise again we would book on a smaller ship - 2 pools 2700 people on sea days made it very crowded"
Helen N
18 Jan 2013
Harold S
14 Jan 2013
"Because of a cyclone in the area we did not go to Noumea or Isle of Pines which was disappointing. Wilma has allergies to many foods and the staff were excellent ensuring that meals were prepared for her. Even the Head Chef in the buffet section would seek her out and specially cook lunch for her each day."
Ray F
14 Jan 2013
"generally the cruise was really good, cabin service and waiters etc were great... a couple of comments, being a new years / holiday cruise there were lots of aussies wanting to have a good time, so it was dissappointing that at all the party events there was very little aussie music content.... (excluding trevor the piano player) the live bands and DJ's knew absolutely nothing about australian music. Also, on previous cruises the singers and dancers made a big effort to engage with the passengers and help to improve the general cruise experience, this didnt happen on this cruise......"
Leigh B
6 Jan 2013
"Everywhere you go, there is a surprise to pamper you!!"
Sara W
26 Dec 2012
"She is a vintage ship with classic style accommodating 673 guests, fully worthy of world exploration."
Liz S
20 Dec 2012
"The wait staff were exceptional in their service as were those who attended to our room onboard. From embarkation to debarkation the organisation was faultless. Only minor, was the staff at the Shore Exursions desk when approached during the cruise, were not friendly and not very helpful when asked about their tours."
Ryan B
19 Dec 2012
Jane G
15 Dec 2012
"What can I say .. The most brilliant design of our times beyond anyone’s imagination"
Dean H
4 Dec 2012
"We had a very enjoyable cruise and am definitely considering the same for our next holiday. Previously cruising on Pacific Dawn we noted the vast difference between the older ships of the P&O fleet compared to the newer and bigger Spirit. Even though we missed planned ports due to weather we appreciated the alternatives and the staff did a great job organising our new itinerary"
Lilia M
15 Nov 2012
"We just want to say 'Thanks very much'to Ciaran for his kindness,care and pleasant manner to communicate,for his tolerance. Thank you again and best wishes to Ciaran and all staff at "Clean Cruising". Kind regards. Lilia and Ernest"
Tania K
14 Nov 2012
"Overall a great experience from time of booking to disembarkation, it was all a very smooth process and thanks to Hayley and staff at clean cruising for all their expert assistance"
Allen T
12 Nov 2012
"Statistics from Cruise Director stated 650 children on board, 1950 adults, and 99 staff. My question is why so many children during school time????This was not a holiday period. Other than the noise generated by scores of kids running unsupervised around the decks (Parental values non-existent), and the amount of "bogan",slothish Australians, the cruise was good."
Gregory R
29 Oct 2012
"We didn't get to see Maree due to bad weather, and spent most of the time cruising on the boat. The Cabin was good and the Balcony was great :) The food was was ok but nothing special and they ran out of tea bags! The drink prices were over the top at $6.95 for a light beer as opposed to $5.00 on the Rhapsody. The on board credit didn't turn up until halfway through the cruise, which meant we were constantly using the on board ATM. Which at $6 a throw was a bit pricey, this should have been added to the on board credits. The WiFi was good but took a lot of time in connecting so you lost valuable time accessing emails :( The drink service sucked in a big way by comparison to the Rhapsody and given we spent over $2,000 on the ship I think we deserved better! 900 Kids on board I mean WTF 900! That was about 600 to many. They were out of control, allowed in the casino, running all over the ship screaming at the dining tables etc etc, wow..... They rode the lifts all the time pressing every floor in the elevators which made for one long ride up and down. One lift finally totally broke down. I think a 9pm curfew for under 12-14yr olds would have been useful. The over 18 area was great and a welcome relief from the kids, did I mention the kids........ Finally the smoking areas on board were way to liberal, I mean to say 70% of the outdoor areas were allocated as ok for smoking. This meant a trip to the pool was a gassing session in cigeratte smoke, wonderful! The ship should really cut back the smoking areas to less than 30%, given 70%+ of us don't smoke! Kids were subjected to eat with smoking parents at the eating tables which is not acceptable in public eating areas in Austalia anymore. Lastly I think they were under staffed, given this was their maiden cruise, I'd have thought we would have been very well treated with sufficient staff to service the guests, sadly this was not the case! Our room steward was very good :) and we tipped her!"
Ada S
3 May 2012
"This ship has a fantastic atmosphere.  I would happily take my child onboard, but know I would probably spend a decent amount of time in the adults area relaxing. "
Kathleen M
31 Mar 2012
"This ship was a lot of fun and had a great atmosphere. Plenty of exciting things to do - I loved the Serenity adults only area"
Sophia F
26 Mar 2012
Clara F
14 Mar 2012
"Classic mid-sized ship offering two story dining room ready to welcome guests for an unforgettable cuisine!"
Carnival Spirit — Ship Review Rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 204 ratings.
Carnival Spirit

Carnival Cruises

Ship facts

Star rating: Carnival Spirit star rating
Maiden voyage: 2001
Number of decks: 12
Tonnage: 85920
Cabins: 1062
Passenger capacity: 2124
Number of crew: 930

What's onboard? ▼

  • Gift shops
  • Main Dining Room
  • Fixed and flexible time dining
  • SeaDay Brunch, Breakfast Grill
  • Kids menu, pizza, ice cream
  • Room service menu 24-h (extra)
  • Chef’s Table (for 12; pay; includes galley tour)
  • Steakhouse (dinner)
  • Steakhouse Restaurant
  • Bonsai Sushi (Japanese)
  • European-style Café
  • The Taste Bar snacks, Kids menus
  • International Food Plaza, 10 stations
  • BlueIguana Cantina (Mexican)
  • Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ
  • Guy’s Burger Joint
  • Café, coffee, drinks, ice cream, patisserie, deli
  • Specialty sweet store
  • Freshie’s Corner snacks
  • Internet café
  • Bars & lounges, multiple
  • Main Show Lounge
  • Atrium social centre & shops
  • Karaoke with live band
  • Seaside Theatre
  • Big outdoor screen
  • Live music, comedy, DJs, dancing, karaoke, game shows, pool parties
  • Nightclub
  • Hasbro, The Game Show
  • Casino
  • Conference room
  • Wedding chapel
  • Swimming pools (3)
  • Whirlpools (4)
  • Carnival Waterworks
  • Water Park & Waterslide
  • SplashZone for kids
  • Spa & treatments
  • Sauna & Steam room
  • Beauty, Hair, for men & women
  • Fitness Centre, programs, jogging track
  • Yoga, Pilates (pay)
  • Serenity Adult Retreat
  • Sports Court
  • Mini-golf course
  • Pool & deck parties
  • Library for quiet time
  • UNDER 18
  • Camp Carnival (2-5,6-8,9-11)
  • Camp Ocean for kids
  • Circle “C” (12-14)
  • Club O2 (teens)
  • Video arcade
  • Babysitting late night (pay)
  • Night Owls (under 12) care till 3 am (pay)
  • Wedding packages (inquire)
  • Shore excursion desk
  • Wi-Fi, Mobile phone service
  • Laundrette self service (pay)
  • Wheelchair access good
  • Elevators
  • Power 110/220 V
  • No tipping

What's included? ▼

  • Accommodation as booked
  • Australia: Tipping is not required
  • All main meals on-board
  • Coffee, tea & milk 24 hrs
  • Open/anytime seating & multi-venue dining
  • Alternative dining (extra charge)
  • Use of ship facilities - indoor & outdoor
  • Entertainment - live music and/or shows, movies
  • Activities - organised & individual
  • Bridge director on select cruises
  • Kids clubs & teen programs (2-17 yrs)
  • Cruise Director & all English speaking staff
  • Special needs requests & service animals allowed
  • Ship-shore-ship transfers

What's excluded? ▼

  • Airfares, accommodation & transfers not specified
  • Shore & land excursions and meals not specified
  • Alternate specialty dining venues (unless specified)
  • Casino gaming, bar expenses
  • Items & services of a personal nature
  • Medical services, vaccination costs
  • Laundry and/or valet charges
  • Wi-Fi, Internet, satellite/mobile phone & fax charges
  • Childcare night services (up to 11 yrs, 10pm-3am)
  • Babysitting, individual or in groups (from 1 yr)
  • Passport & visa fees
  • Insurances of all kinds
  • Increases in third party charges or taxes
  • Gratuities for spa & salon
  • Outside Australia: Gratuity charge USD 12.95 pp/night (can be pre-paid) added to onboard account. Adjust at discretion onboard. Extra tips to Room Service staff optional.
  • Customary land tour gratuities are welcome
  • Outside Australia Service Charge: bar and wine 15%

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Recent testimonials

"The Pacific Dawn cruise was terrific - we really enjoyed ourselves. I would like to thank you for the time you have spent answering all my questions."
Ian R from Sydney

"The trip was just fantastic! We loved it and highly recommend the Pacific Sun to anyone who wants a fun time. Thanks for your help booking the cruise and we will be be back soon for our next cruise."
Ron H from NSW

"Our Dawn Princess cruise was tremendous, very relaxing. I would like to thank you with the way everything ran smoothly from my initial enquiry to the detailed planning along the way. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I really appreciate your promptness with responses."
Jillian A from Melbourne