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Cruises visiting Canakkale & all Canakkale cruises for 2016-2017

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Canakkale is a pleasant Turkish town settled on both sides of a bridge of the same name, which connects the Biga Peninsula in Asia. Travelling across town is easiest by the use of regular ferries. It is well known for its proximity to the Gallipoli Peninsula, at which the famous Gallipoli Campaign took place in WW1. There are associated national parks, museums, and historic memorial monuments, in surroundings of natural beauty. Also nearby are the archaeological digs at Troy (Truva) with the ruins of the city walls and the Wooden Horse of Troy.

Troy is awesome from an historical point of view, and is not ‘just a story’. It really happened here and it was surprising to know that there were different periods of Troy like Troy I to Troy VII. The grounds are fascinating. In town is an archaeological museum that contains some fine examples of ceramics from the 17th century till today, as well as the best samples of wooden workmanship of the 19th C. Also try to visit some of the fascinating castles, such as the Sultan's Castle, in the area. This truly is a fascinating geographical and historical port to visit.

Canakkale, is a region of education, culture & history with the past stretching back 5,000 years. It has been nourished by the legacy of ancient cultural treasures such as The Illiad by Homer and has come to appreciate the enchanting historical sites within its boundaries. Many of the restaurants on the waterfront feature a seafood menu. In season one can always find fresh fish in the restaurants. Either side of the waterfront from the jetty in Canakkale have been set out to promote walking and entertainment. Here there are restaurants, bars, cafes and benches placed so one can look out over the sea or rest.

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