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Cruises visiting Ystad & all Ystad cruises for  2018-2019

Currently we have no major cruise ships visiting Ystad in the 2018-2020 seasons.

Future sailings will be shown here as they become available, and alternative ports in the region can be viewed at Europe - Baltic & North Atlantic Cruises. Please contact one of our cruise specialists today on 1800 121 187 if you require further assistance.

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Ystad is a small but charming city in Scania, a part of southern Sweden that dates back to the 11thC and today has become a busy ferry port, local administrative centre, and tourist attraction. It still boasts a core of well-preserved quaint cobbled lanes, lined with hundreds of half-timbered cottages, and a central square oozing rural charm. The 40km of sandy beaches, dotted with outdoor food stalls, add to its appeal. Ystad also has two large medieval churches, the Church of Saint Peter and the Church of the Virgin Mary built in the early 13thC, both highly influenced by Gothic Hansa architecture and are well worth visiting. Thanks to the successfully developed tourist industry built around Wallander character, Ystad took home the 2009 Swedish Grand Tourism Award.

See architecture from the 13th century and visit interesting museums in Ystad. These include the unique museum dedicated to Charlotte Berlin a wealthy businesswoman who lived there in the 19th century, a museum situated in a Franciscan monastery that features local history, and the Ystad Museum of Art that is home to one of the most extensive collections in the province. In addition there are areas of surviving medieval town architecture. Ystad is certainly one of the prettiest small towns in Sweden.

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