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Cruises visiting Doini Island & all Doini Island cruises for  2017-2018

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Doini Island is located in the heart of Milne Bay on the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea. This privately owned island is home to a plantation that was originally surveyed by a government surveyor in 1900, and consists of 1100 hectares of coconut trees and beautiful rainforest. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters teeming with myriads of exotic fish, the island is inhabited by warm and friendly local caretakers. A huge bird aviary full of exotic birds is well worth visiting, though many take the opportunity to lie on the beach in bliss or snorkel in the warm waters.

The island is roughly square-shaped and about 4, with a rough airstrip on the south side. The entry point is on the north side which has a wide sandy beach (and jetty), edged with palm huts. Local entertain with full-dress dances, a superb band, children sing, sell their handicrafts, raise money for their schools, and offer refreshments in the way of drinks and freshly prepared fish/crays/squid. If one is fit, a walk around the island will take a few hours. The belief of the locals that their ancestors watch over them my lead you to mysterious caves littered with skulls.

Snorkelling is wonderful (wear shoes for walking on the corals, and bring your own snorkel); also fishing and swimming. But just sitting at a bar overlooking the beach, listening to a local live band . . . what more can one wish for. Visitors vow to return to this paradise and stay for a few days in the accommodation huts. Leave behind some sandpaper, fishing lines, lollies, school books, pencils etc. – very much appreciated.

Cruises visiting Doini Island in 2017

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Cruises visiting Doini Island in 2018

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Doini Island cruises

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