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Take a break on board the Seabourn Odyssey experiencing 7 relaxing nights on this Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise to Europe - Mediterranean. Your ship embarks from Athens, the cruise will take you to 8 ports in 3 countries before finishing at Venice. This particular 5 star cruise from Seabourn Cruise Line has forward departures, but is unfortunately sold out for this departure.

Day Date Port of call Arrival Departure
1 Sat 14 Jul 2012 Athens, Greece 5.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece, is also one of the world's oldest cities with an unparalleled history that spans around 3,400 years. Experiencing long periods of sunshine throughout the year, and known as "the cradle of Western civilisation", it is a 'must-see' destination for world travellers. The city contains a fascinating variety of different architectural styles, ranging from Greco-Roman through Neo-Classical, to Modern. They are usually all found together in the same areas, as a walk through the old neighbourhoods of the famous historic triangle will reveal. All this together with fancy restaurants and traditional taverns ensure a delightful visit. Watch the changing of the guard at the Parliament Building!

The Acropolis hill, or the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, is one of the most recognisable monuments of the world. It includes the glorious marble structures of the Parthenon built in honour of Athena, the patron goddess of the city, the monumental entrances to the sacred area called the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike dedicated to the winged maidens who attended to her, and the Erechtheion "Porch of the Maiden". The Byzantine, Archaeological and Historical Museums, the Municipal Gallery, and the Athens Concert Hall are among many other sites worth viewing. Numerous tours are available, or you could hire a car.

Next to big institutions such as the National Gallery and the Benaki Museum, a large number of small private galleries, hosting the works of contemporary visual and media artists, are spread. For shoppers, the many well-known and international name brands and traditional Greek art and folklore shops as well as innumerable chic boutiques and specialty shops provide for every taste and budget. Many families visit one of the fun parks and enjoy the many activities they offer. Wild life lovers shouldn’t fail to pay a visit to the Athens Zoo, which hosts amongst others one of the biggest varieties of birds.

2 Sun 15 Jul 2012 Gythion, Greece 8.00am 6.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Gythion is a port in the NW of the Laconian Gulf, the largest and most important town on the Mani Peninsula in southern Greece. It is well known as being the port for Sparta some 40 km away. Today's Sparta is a modern city with little ancient history, as the Spartans lived a rather austere life and did not build grand structures as did the Greeks. Also of interest to visitors, is the ancient city of Mystras, with its huge gates and many palaces. The caves of Diros, purported to be a dwelling place of prehistoric man, are visited for the displays of artefacts discovered in 1958.

Two life-size statues on the quayside - one of a jaunty-tailed mermaid and one of a sailor in baggy trousers shading his eyes and gazing out to sea - are the first things you'll spot as your tender noses its way into the harbor at Gythion. Their jolliness seems to encapsulate the spirit of the place. Enjoy the town itself by visiting some of its cafes and shops and visit the secluded beaches and enjoy the stunning scenery. It is a real fishing village and not too 'touristy'. Indeed it is considered to be one of the most traditional and conservative regions of Greece.

Visitors enjoy the mixture of the pastel-tinted houses that jumble their way up the foothills of Mount Koumaros, and the crooked whitewashed staircases that snake their way between them; in the purple bougainvillea climbing past shutters and tumbling over wrought-iron balconies brightly painted in nautical shades of deep blue and green. Gythion looks like a Greek island of the 1970s. The residents are a lot more relaxed nowadays, even though Gythion is a working town and is run-down in parts. The pretty seafront and excellent fish restaurants there make the town an enjoyable and memorable port of call, particularly if you just want a relaxed day ashore that won't take you far from your ship.

3 Mon 16 Jul 2012 Katakolon, Greece 8.00am 6.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise The scenic seaside Greek town of Katakolon, with a population around 3,000, is your typical small-town cruise port with delightful cafes along the waterfront, shops that sell T-shirts, hats and jewellery, and a small beach that draws swimmers and sandcastle-builders. But that's not why ships make the town a destination. They arrive because Katakolon serves as the cruise gateway to ancient Olympia, just 40 km away, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. More than 3 million people annually visit the site and its companion facility, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, a treasure trove of pieced-together sculptures and statues that once adorned the ancient structures.

Here visitors can also explore the fascinating ruins of the stadium, athletics track, the actual place where the Olympic flame was lit, and indeed the structure where athletes were instructed by philosophers, poets and mathematicians, as they believed it was necessary to have a healthy mind as well as body. You will also find the fifth-century BC Temple of Zeus, an excellent museum displaying amazing marble statues from the temple, some rebuilt Dorian columns, as well as an early Christian church. In town visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology and the Museum of Ancient Greek Musical instruments.

As an alternative, you could hire a car or take a taxi and visit many places of interest. There’s the Castle of Chlemouts, a very antique construction with an amazing view of the surroundings. Observe the vegetation and rocky formations that have been witness of the history of its construction for many centuries. Also visit the thermal baths at Kylini, the beautiful Foloi Oak Forest, and the Merkouri Winery. At the Domaine Mercouri winery, about 3 km from Katakolon's dock, you can sit in the shade of centuries-old cypress trees, sipping noted red and white wines.

4 Tue 17 Jul 2012 Parga, Greece 7.00am 3.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Parga is a town and municipality located in the NW of Greece in the region of Epirus. It lies on the Ionian coast between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa. Tourism is rather new here and the number of foreign tourists is small so people are friendly, and the town still feels genuinely Grecian. It is a resort town known for its scenic beauty, a very popular destination with Greeks themselves, and it is becoming a more popular site for foreigners. Parga is surrounded by mountainous countryside that is rocky and bushy in the east while it is forested and grassy to the northwest.

It is a lovely town with vivid island style. Constructed along the slopes of a hill, it is surrounded by lush greenery and blue sea. Lovely two-storey mansions with colourful walls are built on the slopes of the hill around the port and create a picturesque atmosphere. On top of the hill above the port are the ruins of an old Venetian Castle. Valtos and Lichnos are the most beautiful beaches in the region. Holidays in Parga can be combined with trips to other beautiful places, like Sivota, Preveza or Lefkada island.

Situated in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea it has an intense island feeling. The colourful houses of Parga Greece are constructed amphitheatrically along the slopes of a mountain, offering nice view to the sea. A green islet with a white church stands at the entrance of the port, while the ruined walls of a Venetian castle can be seen on top of a hill above the town. Most of all, it is famous for the amazing beaches with the exotic water. There are excellent views of both bays from the now ruined fortress.

5 Wed 18 Jul 2012 Dubrovnik, Croatia 10.00am 11.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Dubrovnik, a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea coast, is a prominent tourist destination. The city joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979. An outstanding feature of the Old Town of Dubrovnik is its intact city walls that run uninterrupted for 1,940m encircling the city. This complex structure, one of the most beautiful and strongest fort systems in the Mediterranean, consists of a series of forts, bastions, towers and detached forts, originally used to protect the vulnerable city. Few of Dubrovnik's Renaissance buildings survived the earthquake of 1667, but fortunately enough remain to preserve the legacy of a glorious past.

The finest Renaissance highlight is the Sponza Palace that is currently used to house the National Archives. Other important monuments, such as the Rectors Palace – now a museum – with its ornate staircase, and the St Saviour Church – another remnant of the Renaissance period – are both much-visited. The nearby Franciscan Monastery with its outstanding exhibits, as well as its amazing library of 30,000 volumes and 1,500 valuable handwritten documents, is a must-see. Visit: the city’s most beloved church, St Blaise; the baroque Cathedral with its historical relics; and the city's Dominican Monastery that resembles a fortress, but also contains an art museum and a Gothic-Romanesque church.

All of the restaurants have a romantic ambience. In many you are facing the sea, dining outdoors, and eating excellent fresh seafood. You may take a trip on the Cable Car, visit some of the lovely local islands, and even take a ride at the Kojan Koral’s Riding Stables. There are several museums of great interest such as the Multimedia Museum and War Photo Limited with its educational, though disturbing, exhibits. There are also a few beaches including Copacabana Beach, a small stony beach part of the Elaphiti Islands, named after the popular beach in Rio de Janeiro.

6 Thu 19 Jul 2012 Hvar, Croatia 7.00am 4.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea located off the Dalmatian coast. The climate is characterised by mild winters and warm summers, and this, together with beautiful beaches and Mediterranean vegetation, make it a most attractive tourist destination. Hvar town features a large public square - St Stephen’s Square - that is open to the sea, and in season the port is filled with large yachts. The many renaissance and baroque palaces dominate the city that itself is surrounded by fortification walls dating from the 7th century. Many visitors take a boat excursion to Pakleni Islands for some sea kayaking.

When in Hvar town visit the Hvar Fortress and enjoy the delightful views, and be sure to visit the Franciscan Monastery and be amazed at its architecture. Other things to do include visiting: the sandy beaches near Jelsa; the ancient town Stari Grad, where the past centuries mingle with: modern tourist facilities; the heavenly beaches under pine trees in Zavala; the south cliffs in Ivan Dolac; and Vrboska. Appreciate its ‘little Venice’ ambience. Hvar is also called the island of Lavender as there are vast fields of lavender, as well as ancient olive trees and vineyards that suggests the delightful harmony between man and nature.

For example, there are wine and olives, so a guest wishing to get closer to nature will stop at a small inn rather than a top quality restaurant. Taste real home-made wine instead of some famous sparkling brand, and listen to the old island songs and forget the monotony of ‘everyday routine’. Other towns and villages on the island have numerous architectural and cultural monuments that bear witness to outstanding artistic traditions of the island, the economic prosperity of its population, and the relations Hvar used to maintain with cultural centres of the past centuries.

7 Fri 20 Jul 2012 Ravenna, Italy 7.00am 6.00pm
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Ravenna is an inland city in Italy that is connected to the Adriatic Sea by a canal. Interestingly it is the second largest commune in land area in the country, though it is a little larger than half the size of Rome, the largest. It has eight early Christian monuments built in the first half of the first century AD, all of which are inscribed on the World Heritage List. Truly amazing. Besides the UNESCO monuments, other interesting artistic and archaeological sites, such as the Domus of the Carpets of Stone and the Classe Archaeological Site, make a valuable contribution to the reconstruction of the history of Ravenna.

There are also numerous fascinating churches, built throughout the centuries, that are well worth visiting; also the Communal Gallery with its various works from Romagnoli painters. There are also many museums, including the National Museum, Dante's grave, and the Palace of Theoderic that includes mosaics from the palace of the king. Indeed, Ravenna is known for its stunning mosaics and produces beautiful mosaics to this day. Be sure to take a walk around the historic centre, most of which is pedestrian only, and absorb the magnificent architecture, numerous museums, and famous concert halls of this truly fascinating city.

The area is also suited to cycling enthusiasts who can explore many different routes, riding along the coast, through the valley and up the hills, for some delightful scenery. The spa treatments provided at the centre on the seafront at Punta Marina Terme, fitted with the most up-to-date equipment, make it the perfect place to discover health, wellbeing and beauty.

8 Sat 21 Jul 2012 Venice, Italy 7.00am
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise Located at the head of the Adriatic Sea between the mouths of the Piave and Po Rivers, an intricate web of 118 tiny islands and canals make up the enchanting city of Venice in Italy. Considered to be an extremely beautiful and romantic destination, it is not surprising that Venice has played an important role in the history of symphonic and operatic music. One must take a gondola ride along some of the over 150 canals, including the Grand Canal. Be amazed at the numerous bridges – such as the Rialto bridge – and absorb the glorious renaissance architecture with its panorama of superbly detailed facades. Plans to restrict large ship movements in the Canal past St Mark’s Square have been scrapped.

Venice highlights would, perhaps firstly, include St.Mark's Square. Enjoy walking around and absorbing the atmosphere, but be aware that sitting at an outdoor table while the piano is playing, you will pay top price. Visit the beautiful Saint Mark's Basilica, which blends the architecture of the East and the West. To avoid the crowds, take a tour of the Doge's Palace, the most impressive building in Venice, and the Galleria del'Accademia, one of Italy's best museums. Thanks to the Vaporetto dell’Arte, you can discover Venice and its magnificent treasures along the Grand Canal. It stops at the most charming attractions and has a multilingual audio video system.

Venice, the world's only pedestrian city, is easily walkable, and the absence of cars makes this a particularly pleasant experience. The city's small winding cobblestone streets along the canals make for great walking. Be sure to visit the island of Murano that is renowned for its Venetian glass. Also be on the lookout in your walks for the beautiful marbled paper, quality lace, and carnival masks that provide great mementos of your visit. Venice is still a monument to the glory days of the Renaissance, and historical culture still throbs powerfully in the old Italians' veins.


From March to November 2016 Seabourn Odyssey is again in the Eastern Mediterranean offering one to three week cruises anywhere you like in the region. Itineraries range from 7, 14 and 21 nights. This mall ship berths at many smaller ports uncrowded by tourists. From December 2016 to April 2017 Odyssey sails to all parts of the Caribbean, and makes two crossings of the Panama Canal to visit Central America. From May 2017 she is again in the Mediterranean, offering 10 and 20 night cruises. This is a luxury five-star vessel well suited to senior travellers. Onshore tours are far from traditional tourist tracks.

Choose from 225 ocean view suites, 90% with verandas. All accommodation suites are of generous size, bedroom separated from living area, dining table for two, bar replenished daily, the best of electronic entertainment available, and your direct-dial telephone to the outside world. All the appointments are luxurious and hardly need listing. This accommodation is a haven to refresh oneself for the next day’s onshore activities. Personal attention extends from supplying fresh fruit and flowers daily, to canapés and newly-baked pastries on returning from a day ashore. You’ll have a personal suite stewardess.

Food and Dining
Dining is in four five-star dining venues. Open seated dining in The Restaurant is a memorable experience, overseen by celebrity chef Charlie Palmer: award-winning cuisine, regional dishes, many items cooked to order, exotic foods and cheeses, accompanied at your table by ship’s officers. Breakfast and lunch menus here are expansive. The 50-seat Restaurant 2 prepares regional, seasonal cuisine in tasting portions. Seabourn has an all-inclusive complimentary beverage and no-gratuities policy.

Spend two hours dining and chatting with newly-met friends, and you make your own entertainment. The Grand Salon is the venue for small shows, cabaret acts, lectures, cooking demonstrations, movies and some social functions. The stunning Observation Bar is the place for early morning coffee or tea, and evening drinks with piano music in the background. Guests enjoy wine, champagne and spirits in any of the six bars and lounges.

Click here to view Seabourn Odyssey's calendar of future cruises or
View the current location for Seabourn Odyssey here!

Take a break on board the Seabourn Odyssey experiencing 7 relaxing nights on this Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise to Europe - Mediterranean. When: Ship: Seabourn Odyssey Category: Cruise Cabins from $ per person
Seabourn Odyssey cruises
Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise accreditation

Cruise summary

Cruise: Greece & Adriatic Wonders Cruise
Duration: 7 nights
Ship: Seabourn Odyssey
Star rating:
Departs: Athens
Returns: Venice
Ports of call: 8
Forward departures:

What's onboard? ▼

  • All suite staterooms
  • Spa Villas
  • Shop/boutique (3)
  • Dining venues (4)
  • Member Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
  • In-suite dining
  • Special diets (book ahead)
  • Lounges, open bars (6)
  • Show Lounge (shows, cabaret)
  • Live music, dancing
  • Onshore tours organised
  • Casino
  • Swimming pools (2)
  • Whirlpools (6)
  • Health spa & salon
  • Kinesis Wall
  • Fitness centre, classes
  • Sun Terrace
  • Golf putting (9 holes)
  • Marina, watersports
  • Computer Centre (pay)
  • Enrichment programs
  • Port lectures
  • Library, card room
  • Wheelchair access good
  • Wheelchair access limited
  • Wi-Fi, cell phone (pay)
  • Medical facility
  • Laundrette self-service
  • Elevators (3)
  • 110V AC power

What's included? ▼

  • Accommodation as booked
  • Flight/s and/or transfers as specified
  • Gratuities - tipping is neither expected nor required
  • Gourmet dining with complimentary fine wines, beers, spirits
  • Specialty coffee, tea, bottled water, juices & snacks 24 hrs
  • Open/anytime seating & multi-venue dining
  • Cocktail or champagne reception
  • In-cabin dining at no charge
  • Open bar - premium beers, wines, spirits, soft-drinks
  • Stocked in-suite bar & refrigerator at no charge
  • Use of ship facilities - indoor & outdoor
  • Entertainment - live music and/or shows, movies
  • Activities - organised & individual
  • Specialty lectures, workshops, classes & programs
  • Fitness and/or yoga, gym classes
  • Cruise Director & all English speaking staff
  • Concierge service
  • Destination seminars and/or lectures
  • Ship-shore-ship transfers
  • Internet access & Wi-Fi in cabin (top suites complimentary)

What's excluded? ▼

  • Airfares, accommodation & transfers not specified
  • Shore & land excursions and meals not specified
  • Casino gaming
  • Passport & visa fees
  • Insurances of all kinds
  • Increases in third party charges or taxes
  • Customary land tour gratuities are welcome
  • Items & services of a personal nature
  • Medical services, vaccination costs
  • Laundry and/or valet charges
  • Wi-Fi, Internet, satellite/mobile phone & fax charges

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