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Be spoiled on the Regatta enjoying 14 unforgettable nights on the European Horizons Cruise exploring TransAtlantic. Your ship sails from Miami and visits 7 ports in 4 countries before finishing at Barcelona. This 4.5 star cruise from Oceania Cruises has forward departures, but is unfortunately sold out for this departure.

Day Date Port of call Arrival Departure
1 Mon 11 Jun 2012 Miami, USA 6.00pm
European Horizons Cruise Miami, located on the Atlantic coast at the southern tip of Florida, where outdoor sports are open all seasons and dress is casual, is a melting pot of cultures. Miami and Miami Beach are in effect two distinctly different cities, as Miami Beach is almost exclusively tourist orientated, while Miami is a cosmopolitan city with a distinctly Latin American flavour. Don’t miss the South Beach section where fashion designer Gianni Versace lived and died that is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the world. Certainly the beaches have an international flair and attract tourists from around the world.

This warm and friendly city is certainly one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Also famous for its great architecture such as the dozens of restored buildings of the early 20th century in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach, visitors often find their way around by picking up an audiocassette from the Miami Design Preservation League's Welcome Centre for a self-guided introduction to the Art Deco Historic District. Also on offer are seemingly endless shopping opportunities in modern, sprawling malls and the quiet, personal attention offered by the family-owned shops of Coconut Grove and many other corners of the region.

Interestingly, many signs are in both English and Spanish, especially those near the Latin district known locally as "Little Havana". Delight in the colourful murals, monuments to heroes past and present, and absorb the backdrop of Little Havana’s pulsating music, vibrant storefronts, unique art galleries and quaint restaurants. Be sure to use a good sunscreen as it truly is essential throughout the year. While stated earlier ‘dress is always casual’, be aware that a few higher-class restaurants require jackets and ties. Though destinations often are said to offer something for everyone, the Miami area offers multiple enticements for all.

2 Tue 12 Jun 2012 At Sea
3 Wed 13 Jun 2012 At Sea
4 Thu 14 Jun 2012 St George Island, Bermuda 8.00am 6.00pm
European Horizons Cruise Saint George, described as the oldest continually inhabited English settlement in the New World, is the second largest town and former capital of Bermuda. It was founded in 1612 and served as the capital of Bermuda until eclipsed by Hamilton in 1815. Because of a shift of business and government to Hamilton, St. George did not have its streets and buildings demolished and rebuilt as in Hamilton. Consequently, it looks very much like it did 250 years ago. In fact, because of its many heritage buildings, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site during the 1990s.

The best thing to do upon arrival is head for the main King's Square. Here you can see the Town Hall, the Visitor's Service Bureau, and Ordinance Island across the small bridge directly to the south. From May-September, actors in period costumes provide colour to the community. They act as town criers, sentencing men and women to the stockades, pillories or the dunking chair. In addition, St. George has one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Tobacco Bay Beach. It should not be missed. You'll also find plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities.

5 Fri 15 Jun 2012 At Sea
6 Sat 16 Jun 2012 At Sea
7 Sun 17 Jun 2012 At Sea
8 Mon 18 Jun 2012 At Sea
9 Tue 19 Jun 2012 Horta Azores, Portugal 10.00am 6.00pm
European Horizons Cruise Horta, with a population of about 7,000, is a city on the island of Faial, which is a tourist island with a rich collection of historical, natural and modern attractions, situated in the western part of the Portuguese Archipelago of the Azores. The city contains the Horta Regional Museum which has a permanent exhibit - Exhibition of Capelinhos Volcano - that details in photographs the 1957 volcanic eruption in the Azores. The museum also contains a large collection of scale models of buildings, ships, and people carved from fig kernels. Visitors seeking sun will likely travel to the black sand beaches of Praia de Almoxarife, Conceicao and Porto Pim, as well as the rock pools scattered along the coast. The thermal spa of Varadouro is most popular.

The marina is a primary stop for yachts crossing the Atlantic, and its walls and walkways are covered in paintings created by visitors who noted the names of their vessels, crews, and the years they visited. Peter Cafe Sport across from the marina houses the island's Scrimshaw Museum; a collection of hundreds of pieces of scrimshaw work made of whale teeth and jawbone that is a traditional craft of the Azores. Other points of interest are the Capelinhos lighthouse and the School of handicrafts, as well as numerous religious buildings that include the Church of the Divino Espírito Santo - one of the oldest churches on the island.

The caldera is a beautiful crater of the now extinct volcano that can be visited by car or bus, and it offers fantastic views. Also on offer are boat trips enabling visitors to do some whale watching and even swim with dolphins. The Azores are actually the tops of some of the tallest mountains on the planet, as measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean. The islands are home to a rich maritime fauna, being like a swimming pool in the middle of the ocean, on which also grow exotic species such as the black coral. Sea life includes jamantas, sharks, sea turtles, as well as numerous other creatures.

10 Wed 20 Jun 2012 Ponta Delgada, Portugal 8.00am 2.00pm
European Horizons Cruise The largest town in the Portuguese Azores Islands and capital of the island Sao Miguel, Ponta Delgada is built on gently rising ground between green hills. With its many churches, its trim white houses and the lush gardens on its outskirts, it presents an attractive spectacle to visitors arriving by sea. The marina at Ponta Delgada also welcomes many yachts and private sailors from around the world. Boasting many impressive churches and convents, visitors are constantly reminded of its wealthy and illustrious past, when the port was a crucial staging post between Europe and the New World during the15th and 16th centuries.

Ponta Delgada is a good base from which to make day tours of the volcanic crater lakes and thermal springs in the centre of the island. A short drive NW of the city is the spectacular setting of Caldeira das Sete Cidades, an extinct volcano that holds two adjoining lakes, one emerald-green and the other sapphire-blue. Another option within easy driving distance from the capital is the spa resort of Furnas. Alive with steam vents, thermal pools, hot springs and boiling mud, it is the best place to witness the geothermal activity beneath the surface of the Azores.

Many visitors enjoy the opportunity to rent quadricycles or motorcycles to explore the countryside on their own. However, it is possibly the variety of options on offer of dolphin and Whale Watching boat tours that are the most attractive to many. The Azores Archipelago has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best whale watching destinations in the world. However, if looking for a quiet and pleasant place simply to hang out, then ask about Bom Bom bilhares. Another option is to take a 2-3 hour Azores Adventure Islands private tour. Choose from canyoning, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, or kayaking.

11 Thu 21 Jun 2012 At Sea
12 Fri 22 Jun 2012 At Sea
13 Sat 23 Jun 2012 Malaga, Spain 8.00am 5.00pm
European Horizons Cruise Malaga is a lively, prosperous city on Spain's fabled Costa del Sol aside the Mediterranean Sea, just 100 km east of the Strait of Gibraltar. The city’s warm winter temperatures (average daytime of 17 C) make it an ideal place to visit any time of year. The archaeological remains and monuments from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabian and Christian eras convert the historic centre into an ‘Open Museum’ displaying its rich history of more than 3,000 years. Visit the unfinished Gothic cathedral, surrounded by traditional balconied buildings, narrow pedestrian streets and some of the best tapas bars in the province.

The oldest architectural remains in the city are of the Quecha theatre that dates from the 1st century BC, and rediscovered in 1951. The Moors left the dominating castle on mount Gibralfaro that is connected to the Alcazaba, an amazingly complex and extensive series of fascinating buildings with more than 100 towers and three palaces as well as several gardens. Also of great interest is the famed artist Picasso’s home, now declared an historic-artistic monument and museum. Add to this the Cathedral with its unusual collection of different architectural styles and we’ve only just started.

Fun for the whole family is provided at the popular Tivoli World. There are many landmarks to visit, such as: the Palace Marques de Valdeflores that provides an impression of life of the aristocracy of the late 18th century; the many historical churches (one was built on an old mosque); the Town Hall and the House of the Consulate; and last but not least the Bullfighting Ring that has a capacity for 14,000 people. Indeed all visitors are sure to appreciate Malaga’s important cultural infrastructure and rich artistic heritage.

14 Sun 24 Jun 2012 Valencia, Spain 12.00pm 7.00pm
European Horizons Cruise Valencia city, the administrative capital of the Valencian community and the centre of the region of L’Horta, is situated in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. The Old City of Valencia, with its monuments, museums, and gardens, is a major tourist attraction. Here one finds the Gothic building of La Lonja that has been declared by UNESCO as a universal heritage monument. Built between 1482 and 1548, this late Valencian Gothic style building is possibly its major attraction.The Cathedral of Valencia, with its amazing Apostles Door that is situated in the centre of the ancient Roman city, where some believe the temple of Diana once stood, is also well worth visiting.

Then there’s ‘The Hospital’, built in 1409 with its fascinating history, as well as numerous medieval churches such as Saints John (Baptist and Evangelist) that contain some amazing frescos, and El Tempo with its large pillars imitating palm trees, all of which deserve special mention.The other half of Valencia's old town is more commercial and workaday. Here you can see the remains of the ancient city wall with its 15th century Serrano and Quart towers and the gateways used by traders and labourers to enter and leave the city. Nowadays, these old neighbourhoods live in much the same way as they have always done.

In contrast are the wide pavements, broad landscaped thoroughfares, and countless instances of modernist architecture that are equally as appealing. Here one finds a range of Squares, the largest being the Plaça de l'Ajuntament that contains the town hall, delightful gardens such as the relaxing Turia Gardens, as well as many museums housed in memorable modernistic buildings. These include the avant-garde and futuristic ‘City of Arts’ and ‘Science’ buildings that appear to be floating on water and contain the largest aquarium in Europe. This amazing city is also known for its main festival, the Falles, as well as the traditional dish paella that originated here.

15 Mon 25 Jun 2012 Barcelona, Spain 6.00am
European Horizons Cruise Barcelona, located in Catalonia Spain, is Europe's largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, and one of the world’s major global cities. Today, Barcelona balances itself on the cutting edge of architecture, intellectual life, and style. Indeed Barcelona won the 1999 RIBA Royal Gold Medal for its architecture, the first time that the winner has been a city, and not an individual architect. The ‘Gothic Quarter’ is the centre of the old city of Barcelona, where many of the buildings date as far back as the Roman settlement. The Art Nouveau architectural style has a great number of buildings listed as World Heritage Sites.

An outstanding example of this is the immense, remarkable, but still unfinished church of the Sagrada Família, which has been under construction since 1882, with completion planned for 2026. There are far too many famous attractions for all to be listed, however a few of the most popular include: the Barcelona Aquarium, with the IMAX cinema right next door; the Spanish Village that is home to replicate styles of houses from different parts of Spain; as well as fascinating traditionally made Spanish goods; and for football fanatics, the not-to-be-missed Barcelona Football Club Museum.

Add to this the Picasso Museum with his paintings displayed in alphabetical order, the Zoo, the National Museum of Art of Catalunya, and the Magic fountain on Montjuic, and one realises that this city with its old world attraction will not disappoint. Last but not least is Barcelona's old town, the heart of the city. It's made up of many small neighbourhoods, full of old-world character, linked by narrow, winding streets. Students, foreigners and artists thrive in this area, attracted by its sense of history and cosmopolitan feel, along with its trendy bars, concert halls and good restaurants.


In early 2016 Regatta circumnavigates South America, and in this size of ship you’ll see ports other ships miss. South America attracts increasing interest with travellers, and there are some superb sectors if you can’t take the full 73 nights. Regatta sails far up the Amazon. After April in the Caribbean, she spends June to August along the Alaskan coast with its fjords and glaciers. In September she moves to the US and Canadian maritime states during the northern Fall with its magnificent colours. This particular vessel is very appealing to its guests, who refer the atmosphere of a smaller vessel. Cruises range from one to twelve weeks, and usually visit a port a day. Sectors are available. In ports that hold special interest the ship stays for two or three nights, to allow for serious on-shore excursions. No itineraries could be considered ordinary or repeated.

Most cabins have an outside view, and two-thirds have a private balcony. The standard interior and outside cabins are smallish but comfortable, with twin/queen-size bed and ‘best beds at sea’, bathrobes, plenty of built-in cabinets, flat-screen TV, DVD player, writing desk, satellite phone, wireless Internet, and personal safe. Décor is attractive with dark wood accents. Maid service is twice daily. Cabins with balcony have a fridge mini-bar, lounge area with breakfast table, and balcony with teak chairs and table. Speedy room service is available from a separate in-room dining menu.

Food and Dining
All dining is open-seated and dining is when you choose. There are four different restaurants. The Grand Dining Room features 'American-inspired continental cuisine' in an elegant atmosphere with fine table settings and top service. The Toscana Italian Restaurant offers genuine Tuscan cuisine and wines, with unique touches. The Polo Grill features steakhouse and seafood in a leather-chair club setting. (Reservations, but no extra charge for these last two venues.) The lido Terrace Cafe - indoors and outdoors - is the ship's self-service buffet, that transforms in the evenings to Tapas on the Terrace, servicing an eclectic mix of dishes.

On-shore itineraries are the main daytime fare. However, on the ship, day classes include small-group Microsoft software instruction, use of the Internet, and digital photography - that is, if you are not absorbed in the Library, wine tasting, or relaxing in a top-deck Jacuzzi. In the evening the ship is filled with music in several bars and lounges. The Regatta Lounge is the centre for lectures, some social events, and a mix of comedians, magicians, classical recitals, and staff entertainers.

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Be spoiled on the Regatta enjoying 14 unforgettable nights on the European Horizons Cruise exploring TransAtlantic. When: Ship: Regatta Category: Cruise Cabins from $ per person
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European Horizons Cruise accreditation

Cruise summary

Cruise: European Horizons Cruise
Duration: 14 nights
Ship: Regatta
Star rating:
Departs: Miami
Returns: Barcelona
Ports of call: 7
Forward departures:

What's onboard? ▼

  • Balconies to 85% of staterooms
  • Butler service to all suites
  • In port late or overnight often
  • Casual dress (no tux or evening gowns)
  • All specialty dining complimentary
  • Open-seating dining
  • Room service menu 24h
  • Canyon Ranch® cuisine
  • Grand Dining Room continental dining
  • Toscana Italian, by reservation
  • Polo Grill steakhouse, seafood
  • Terrace Café, casual, in/outdoor
  • Waves Grill, poolside lunch
  • Baristas coffees, pastries
  • Afternoon tea 4pm in Horizons
  • Pizzeria, ice cream, sundae bar
  • Lounges and bars (8)
  • Gourmet canapés nightly
  • Special diets, request on booking
  • Free soft drinks, bottled water
  • Cabaret and musical venues
  • Eight-piece orchestra, string quartet
  • Jazz nights at Martinis
  • Disco & dancing at Horizons
  • Monte Carlo-style casino
  • Swimming pool
  • Whirlpools (2)
  • Sun deck, fitness track
  • Table tennis, shuffleboard etc.
  • Spa, beauty, fitness centre
  • Canyon Ranch SpaClub® private Spa Terrace (higher cabins)
  • Thalassotherapy pool
  • Library
  • Enrichment speakers
  • Internet (check if free)
  • Laptop in all suites
  • iPad in some suites
  • Boutique shops
  • Shore excursions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Internet (selected suites free)
  • Shuttle free to city centres
  • No children’s services
  • Laundry service (pay)
  • Medical centre
  • Wheelchair accessibility good
  • Cabin current 110/220 V

What's included? ▼

  • Accommodation as booked
  • All main meals on-board
  • Gourmet dining for all meals
  • Specialty coffee, tea, bottled water, juices & snacks 24 hrs
  • Afternoon tea of sandwiches, cakes & pastries daily
  • Open/anytime seating & multi-venue dining
  • Specialty restaurants no extra charge
  • Captain’s welcome cocktail party (Previous guests)
  • Welcome bottle of champagne (Suites)
  • In-cabin dining at no charge
  • Stocked in-suite mini-bar at no charge (non-alcoholic)
  • Use of ship facilities - indoor & outdoor
  • Entertainment - live music and/or shows, movies
  • Activities - organised & individual
  • Specialty lectures, workshops, classes & programs
  • Cruise Director & all English speaking staff
  • Butler service (Suites)
  • Concierge service
  • Port maps and/or guide books
  • Destination seminars and/or lectures
  • Ship-shore-ship transfers
  • Shuttle service port-to-CBD (many ports)

What's excluded? ▼

  • Shore & land excursions and meals not specified
  • Casino gaming, bar expenses
  • Passport & visa fees
  • Insurances of all kinds
  • Increases in third party charges or taxes
  • Customary land tour gratuities are welcome
  • Gratuities: Staterooms USD 15, Suites with butler service USD 22 pp/night. See Purser to adjust at your discretion.
  • Service charge: beverages, spa, La Reserve dinner 18%
  • Items & services of a personal nature
  • Medical services, vaccination costs
  • Laundry and/or valet charges
  • Wi-Fi, Internet, satellite/mobile phone & fax charges

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