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Europe Luxury River Cruising Brochure - APT Cruises 2018
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Jenny Crocker

Jenny comes to us with over 6 years of experience in the travel industry. She is an adventure traveller at heart, having travelled to over 30 countries. As our resident Yankee, she enjoys sending people to the USA and sharing her love of American culture and food with her clients.

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Happy Customers

The reason that I will not book another cruise is because I realise that I am scared of the boat rocking. Most of the 10 days it was very calm but there was 24hrs that the swell was huge and I was terrified. I had no idea that I would feel this way so its quite funny, but I wont be booking any more cruises! Maybe in a past life I was on a sinking ship... who knows...:)"

Reviewer: Katrina G, NSW
Date: 11 September 2016
Rating: 10

Rating: 9.8/10 from 4511 reviews
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